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A First Principle is a fundamental truth from which all other truths are derived.

Job interviews should be a two way street. Both parties stand to benefit from a positive result. It boggles the mind that (some) HR still can't get it right.

Middle managers tend to get a bad rap, and I believe this should change. Like it or not, they are the keystone in the new world of Digital Transformation.

In Chapter Four of my Digital Transformation podcast I talk with Céline Schillinger. If you are a corporate rebel, a change agent or someone looking to disrupt, this conversation will inspire.

Finding my strengths seems like a good place to start on a road to self improvement. It's more productive than to identify and try to improve weaknesses. I use Gallup's StrengthsFinder.

Digital transformation is upon us. Whether you choose to acknowledge this or not is irrelevant. You have to adapt, or become obsolete.

Explaining why a certain corporate environment is better than others can be tricky. A good metaphor can help with that. The Gardening Metaphor fits perfect.

The more information we have, the less we know. The more people talk, the less we hear. The more TV we watch, the less we see. Silence like a cancer grows.

When you worry about how you're going to fire people, what you really should be worried about is why you need to fire people in the first place.

'What if' can drive us to great discoveries and inventions. It can also block everything. Especially when we're taught that all our actions are scrutinised.

To have a team reach it's absolute full potential, you need to set the right environment. Bloodhound SSC does this perfectly.

Last week we enjoyed the first Enterprise 2.0 Summit in London. With 78 attendees it wasn't a big event, but, as far as I'm concerned, it was a successful conference. Now we look forward to the 2015 Paris edition (3-5 February).

A friend of mine started work at a relatively modern company with a relatively modern product. It’s a product that’s always needed, so there is always a market. The initial impressions are really good. Before her first day she received an email with a bunch of information. Mainly about her first day (and week), her … Continue reading "Walking the Social Business Walk"

Some businesses and business leaders take Social Business to extremes. There are easier ways to "socialise" your company.

Finally. I love podcasts. Or rather, I love producing stuff, creating stuff. What often lacks is a purpose, a goal, a topic. Writing blogposts is one of the channels where I can explore some creativity, use my brain and puny talents to produce something nice. And hopefully, worth the read. Podcasts are a great way … Continue reading "The Reimagining Work Podcast"

Empathy, apparently the definition is more complex than I thought. However, in the context of the workplace environment I believe the following suits best: the power of understanding and imaginatively entering into another person’s feelings Science In a just released study, named Voluntary Enhancement of Neural Signatures of Affiliative Emotion Using fMRI Neurofeedback, scientists found … Continue reading "The Importance of Empathy"

Collaboration is an important part of productivity. It’s a highly desired commodity, but seemingly more elusive that you’d might think.., and it cannot be forced. The other day my wife saw a message from an old colleague.., they’re moving her to a flex desk. “Now, I’m no longer allowed to place a photo of my … Continue reading "Collaboration: Salvation or Myth"

Anybody familiar with this blog knows I have a passion for Social Business. In fact, it’s almost an (un)healthy obsession. I just believe this is the way forward for people and businesses alike. Not just to make a bigger profit, although that is one heck of a motivator for many, but mainly because of the … Continue reading "Influencing People Around Us, Spreading #SocBiz"

Some time ago I had the good fortune of being asked to publish my content to DZone: Social Business. I was quite honored to be considered, after all, I was merely a fledgling SocBiz blogger. The dude that asked me is Adi Gaskell (@adigaskell). We’ve been “following” each other ever since. Next to that, he’s … Continue reading "Review: The 8 Step Guide to a Social Workplace by @adigaskell"

Last February, in Paris, I was fortunate enough to catch Lee Bryant’s talk about how to approach the adaptation of Social Business within a company. I caught up with him a few days after #e20s to discuss this vision, and Post*Shift, a bit more in-depth. Throughout the conference, several talks covered several approaches on when, … Continue reading "Post*Shift and the Long Term Change"

First of all, apologies for the two selfies, I needed a picture of (or in) an elevator, I found two. Second, this is one of the longest posts ever on this blog, so the title is cleverly misleading. The actual pitch is all the way at the bottom, so you can scroll down, if you … Continue reading "Elevator Pitch: I help a business maintain its fluidity."

It’s interesting to see that despite economic downturn, people are still starting up new businesses. Entrepreneurship, it seems, is hard to kill. I don’t believe we are still in an economic crisis, in fact, I believe there’s always been a fair measure of exaggeration by governments in order to push other agenda’s (raising taxes, cutting … Continue reading "The Agile Elephant in The Room"

When I visited the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Paris (in 2013) I was surprised by the amount of quality content (presentations). I learned a lot those two days. And not just about Social Business as a theoretical practice, but also about it’s real world value. The greatest bonus, or advantage, of being active in this … Continue reading "Spin Doctor for #e20s"

A friend of mine just started a new job, and me being me, I advised him to ask about their social media policies. In this day and age, we can assume there is bound to be one and it’s important not to make any mistakes with that. The reaction was a bit unexpected and a … Continue reading "Social Media is annoying, so let’s ignore it"

In 2014 it will be the third time the Summit is held in Paris, and it’s the foremost European gathering of experts & practitioners on new forms of communication & collaboration. However, it has been in existence since 2008. Giving its organisers plenty of experience and reputation. Which, in turn, provides us with an excellent … Continue reading "Enterprise 2.0 Summit; more than just a conference! – #e20s"

At IBM Connect, in the Netherlands, I had the change to listen to a presentation by IBM’s Laurent Boes. He should have gotten more time, but that’s just my opinion. His topic; Smarter Workforce. One slide, or more a summary, just made so much sense that I want to share it with you. HR, front … Continue reading "Bridging Talent and Business"

In the grant scheme of things we are merely pawns. Most of us try to change the world, only a handful actually do. However, when it comes to social business, or rather society, things are slightly different. Here, numbers count. The more people involved with, lets call it “the movement”, the more chance it has … Continue reading "Open Business, there’s light at the end of the tunnel"

Last Friday, at an acceptable European time, I really enjoyed the first #E20S Expert talk. The topic is one that ought to keep the practitioners, or those directly responsible for change and adoption quite busy. The experienced and smart panel was led by Björn Negelmann into a discussion with some surprises for me, and a … Continue reading "Challenges for the Adoption & Change Management Stage"

Yes! It’s almost a silly question to ask. Of course, we want employees to socialise, we even encourage it. There are company parties, at Christmas and New Years for instance. There’s the birthdays where we eat cake and have a chuckle or two. In some cases employees are even encouraged to communicate with each other.., … Continue reading "Should we let employees socialise?"

I was going through some photo’s of 2013’s Enterprise 2.0 Summit, for my previous post, and came across this little gem. No, not the louvre, but a slide of Van Marcke’s Phillipe Borremans. Last March, in Paris (hence the image above), he gave a talk about the social business journey he choreographed for Van Marcke. … Continue reading "Social Business done right. Valuable Lessons Learned."

The preparations for the upcoming Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2014 are in full swing. Kongress Media, the organising company, is planning the event for 11 -12 February, again in Paris (we do not mind that). And, according to Björn Negelmann, this the Summit will have a bit more of a French flavour. Meaning, some sessions will … Continue reading "Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2014: First case studies confirmed. #e20s"

Every revolution has its victims. Collateral damage if you like. Of course, we would like to minimize the casualties as much as possible, after all, our aim is social. It’s not just people, but whole job descriptions or even departments that will pass into oblivion. And if you do not keep up, you will be … Continue reading "Social Business’ Impact on ICT"

One of the more prominant podcasters I know is Jon Buscall. With over 100 podcasts under his belt and providing solid “how to” information on his website, you can say he is an authority on podcasting. Combine that with a worthy topic; “Online Marketing and Communications” (which is his profession) and you have quite the … Continue reading "Transparency, Communicating Online and Why Social Business (podcasts)"

One of the pillars of a social business is the sharing of knowledge. This is supported by the free flow of information (a second pillar) and transparency (a third pillar). We need these pillars in order to be successful in our mission to socialize a business. But, what if our organised and planned disruption gets … Continue reading "Competing Employees Inhibit Social Growth"

I want to share with you the The Ten Tenets, as put on paper by Dion Hinchcliffe and Peter Kim, in their book “Social Business by Design”, both authors are well seasoned in Social Business and working at Dachis Group (so, all credit goes to them). …the code is more what you’d call “guidelines” than … Continue reading "The Ten Tenets of Social Business"

Sometimes the on-line world just amazes me. I’m up to my ears in on-line social networks, have followers around the globe, am building significant and lasting relationships and keep in touch with friends on an almost daily basis. Then there are people who say to me, “I don’t get that whole internet thing”. That’s okay, … Continue reading "CMO’s, Get Your Social Media Rocks On, Here’s How."

Or maybe it’s exactly what you think. The problem of having the same name for two quite different definitions can be confusing. Doing a search of “Social Business in Europe” shows you exactly what I mean. You can’t see the forest through the trees. As a tried and true metaphor, it explains my point exactly. … Continue reading "Social Business in Europe, not what you might think."

I think Raynforest is a brilliant idea. The thought of earning some cash for your on-line efforts is not a ridiculous notion. In fact, I believe it’s the only way many writers are able to sustain good quality and keep producing meaningful content. So far, I’ve made $2.08 for everything I’ve written and done on-line. … Continue reading "Raynforest: Brilliant idea or Selling out?"

One of the greater challenges of Social Business is convincing people of its use. You can talk about engagement or even happiness, but these are hard to grasp concepts.., and maybe even harder to measure (although not impossible). No, what you need is a good metaphor to show people what can happen if you put … Continue reading "Prinzessinnengärten: A great metaphor for Social Business"

One of the “things” about Social Business is a (more) open and flatter organisation. This leads to another “thing”; equality. There are laws against discrimination, but that doesn’t automatically mean there is equality.., especially gender equality. Céline Schillinger noticed one day that something was not quite right with her work environment. She noticed that the … Continue reading "A decision is nothing without action: Céline Schillinger"

UPDATE: The 5 day give-away of my E-book has ended. I can say it’s been a tremendous success. So much so that I don’t want to disappoint you, so if you still want a free copy, you can sign up (and get 60 Pieces of Blogging Advice too), or just get your Kindle copy for … Continue reading "“Why? Social Business” – My E-book"

I need to get this off my chest, then I’ll stop with the rants… it’s just been bugging me for a long time. You see.., I think we’re missing the point. And not by a little bit either. We all know, or should know by now, that the way we live in a non-sustainable society. … Continue reading "Social Business is not about Social, it’s about Business. And that’s not always a good thing."

UPDATE (10 oct, ’13): After speaking with several IBM’ers in the real world and in the comments below, I have learned that the story below is not business as usual at IBM. Questions have been asked and people have been approached in order to rectify the faulty process. It goes to show, that kicking up … Continue reading "Is IBM a Social Business, I doubt it"

Yes, Triberr just keeps getting better and better. The ‘Home of the Influencer’ that puts the blogger front and centre is maturing at a rapid rate. After the reblogging functionality, the universal commenting system, Triberr Campaigns and being just an amazeballs community of influencers and fellow bloggers, we can now assign the (correct) author to … Continue reading "Triberr just added the ability to give credit where credit is due"

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I stumbled across a marketing blogger named Geoff Livingston. In fact, in was through Triberr and Dino Dogan’s tribe “The Ori” that I was introduced to this remarkable man. In the beginning Geoff wrote about marketing, and I shared his content via Triberr to my … Continue reading "The Personal Exodus of A Writer"

No. Period. There is no discussion. However, the ever rising “threat” of social media (and an open Internet) still scares the manure out of many businesses and governments. But, we do not hand over our paper mail, we do not let ‘agents’ follow us around at a party or let them listen in at the … Continue reading "Should we let employers access our private social media?"

It’s nothing new that employers and employees or business partners face each other in court to battle over who gets what. When ‘divorce lawyer’ can be a career choice, you can assume there is plenty of business in settling break-up disputes. Now, with social media and on-line connections, the break-up process has become even more … Continue reading "Connection Ownership and how to settle this?"

We know by know Social Media/Business is something you can’t “just do”. Or, you can, but that’s missing the point and wasting time, effort and money. In “The Seven Success Factors of Social Business Strategy“, the latest publication from the Altimeter Group, written by Charlene Li and Brian Solis, the alignment between business objectives and … Continue reading "Do your business goals and social goals align?"

There is still a lot of debate who should be in charge of Social Media. I believe no department should be “in charge”, unless it’s a department run by the CSBO, the Chief Social Business Officer. Let’s not beat around the bush. Social Media is not a fad, not a trend, not a fleeting gimmick … Continue reading "Where do you put ‘Social’ in your business?"

Office 365 is a result of a philosophy coined by Bill Gates’s white paper “The New World of Working“. I was made aware of this philosophy by a friend who’s working for Microsoft. It was a side of Microsoft I had never seen before. It’s a philosophy which didn’t fit into the image I had … Continue reading "Microsoft’s New World of Working"

I’ve been busy.., really busy. Next to updating my website with the Genesis Framework and Enterprise theme, I’ve been working on E-books. Yes, multiple. To kick things of I decided to extend on the 75 Pieces of Blogging Advice. I know.., I say extend and end up with 60 pieces instead of 75. Well, in … Continue reading "60 Pieces of Blogging Advice: Extended (E-book)"

I suggested to someone there would be a 1001 pieces of blogging advice. So I decided to write them down. But, I failed.., maybe if I’d stretch it I can hit 100, or 200 if I really keep going.., but 75 is good enough. Here is the fully unordered list of blog advice: Don’t be … Continue reading "75 Pieces of Blogging Advice"

The PRISM message fluttered by on Zite. First once, then twice and then a third time. Now it was interesting. According to the first report on Techcrunch it was The Washington Post who released the news, and I quote both TC and TWP; “The National Security Agency and the FBI are tapping directly into the central … Continue reading "PRISM is real, probably. NSA taps big networks."

I was asked by a friend whether or not he should blog. I said, ‘yes’. He asked, ‘why?’. So, I wrote this blogpost to answer his question, because that’s how we roll. Strangely enough I had to think about this. It’s not like I don’t know, but to sum it up in a coherent list … Continue reading "Establish Yourself Through Blogging"

  One of the great fears of social is the idea that you have to share everything. Well, you don’t. Also, people who do share everything are rare, and it might be a good idea for them to stop doing so. Unable to Lie In the movie “The Invention of Lying” Ricky Gervais’ character is … Continue reading "You Do Not Have To Share Everything"

For starters, I think the word Social must not be put in the wrong context. In the case of social media and social business the opposite of social is not anti-social. Meaning, a business that is not engaged in social, or is not a social business, is not per definition an anti-social business. It’s just … Continue reading "I believe Social Business can change our future"

Amelia Earhart was, by any reckoning, an extraordinary woman. Her unconventional upbringing by her mother ensured she’d not be “a nice little girl” and her determination to do things differently, to brake the mould was evident from a young age. Despite rough times and health problems she worked herself up to become one of the … Continue reading "Corporate Rebels United, kickstarting evolution."

Social Entrepreneurs possess a mindset to build strategic relationships with their customers, vendors, suppliers, distributors, stakeholders and anyone who has a stake in the future success of their business. By leveraging social web-based technologies you can strengthen the vitality and health of the “people relationships” that are instrumental to the health and longevity of your … Continue reading "The Age of the Social Entrepreneur by @Mark_Harai"

Seems a fare question.., right? Let me tell you why I ask: I am wondering if you find it worth the time and effort you put in. I am wondering if you get the responses you would like. I am wondering if you would not like more traffic, more comments, more interaction. I am wondering … Continue reading "Why Do You Blog?"

A non social media/business guest post today. And although it might not have anything to do with our social platforms, it has everything to do with our social society. The idea of companies ruling our food supply is a terrifying idea. The pushing of GMO’s is beyond terrifying, it is outright horrific. In my opinion, … Continue reading "The Right To Grow Your Own by @sowandso"

I was reading a post by Mike McGrail (of Velocity Digital) titled “Social Media – Stop Thinking Tech & Start Thinking Why!“ It struck me that after all this time a professional like Mike still sees the need to write a post like that. Apparently we still stumble headlong into social media without thinking and … Continue reading "Interim Social Media Consulting, Something to Think About"

Stuff that caught my attention this week, or posts that are worth mentioning. Something to do or read over the weekend. A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketing Consultant For starters I liked Mike McGrail‘s post “A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketing Consultant“. (Actually, this post is from the week … Continue reading "Oh No, It’s Weekend!!"

Have you discovered reblogging on Triberr yet?  If not,  you’re missing out on a great opportunity provided by Triberr! Are you . . . . . . looking for more exposure for your content? . . . looking for Guest Blogging opportunities? . . . hoping that your content might be shared in syndication? . … Continue reading "Take Triberr to the Next Level with Reblogging! by @BrentCarnduff"

Finding the right social media platform for your niche is not as straight forward as you might think. Is there a specific one to start with? Should you be on all? We can dismiss the idea you have to be on all social platforms. It’s just not achievable, by anybody. And I’m not going to tell you … Continue reading "How To Find The Right Social Media Platform For Your Niche"

To be honest here.., and I like being honest: If you live in the UK.., or if you are in the neighbourhood between 10th and 15th June, you should get a ticket to Oi! now. Let me tell you why… (but you can buy a ticket first if you want, I’ll wait). Great Speakers I … Continue reading "Oi! Conference.., and why you should attend"

In typical Dutch tradition everybody has an opinion about everything. This usually manifests itself best when our national football (soccer) team is playing (badly), and the higher the stakes, the more opinions there are. Everybody is a coach and knows what’s best for our team. But, in fact, next to the current national coach there … Continue reading "A Song for a New King and 16 million opinions."

So you want to blog, huh? Where do you start? You start with buying a book. Not just any book, but “Born to Blog: Building Your Blog for Personal and Business Success One Post at a Time“, by none other than Mark W. Schaefer and Stanford A. Smith. Mark is the Chieftain for {grow} and … Continue reading "We’re all Born to Blog, here’s the proof (book review)"

Absolutely nothing, they’re puppies. Other than using social to tell people about them, they have no sense of my social networks. But.., because the “what did [whatever] taught me about social media” is so often used (and the puppies demand so much time), I started to look for parallels. And quelle surprise.., there seem to … Continue reading "What 2 puppies taught me about social media"

Last month I had the very enjoyable experience of having a suit “made to measure”. Wait, read first. It was not more expensive than a (good) retail suit and I needed a new suit.., I couldn’t really find my style, and one thing led to another and I ended up at Café Costume in Brussels. … Continue reading "Social is a Custom Business"

After making contact with @ReneJansen, of the Dutch company “Winkwaves“, he invited me to the launch of the rebranding of their Social Enterprise software. This took place in their office in The Hague. The old name Kenniscafé (Knowledge Café) was dropped in favour of Harmonics. And I think that’s a good choice. It better embodies … Continue reading "The Winkwaves Social Business Philosophy"

One of my favourite platforms on the Net, Triberr, got into trouble during a routine database backup. And the community reacted in numbers.., and reacted supportively. Domain Name Less than a month earlier we woke up to an unreachable Triberr. Due to various reasons the team had neglected to renew the domain name. For more than … Continue reading "The Positive Site of a Community, part 2: Triberr"

I don’t want to miss anything.., so I stay on-line just a bit longer. Because I stay a little bit longer, there is a little bit more information, or a new follow. Which in turn leads to more information which is easily missed and I don’t want to miss anything. Attention This paradox is fed by … Continue reading "The Social Media Paradox, will you break free?"

According to Nestivity this is the community engagement platform for Twitter we’ve all been waiting for.., finally. What Nestivity does is put a community layer on top of your Twitter account. Allowing you to create a community around your Twitter handle. You create a Nest.., for all the Tweets.., get it? There is a small … Continue reading "Nestivity.., the next step in the Twitterverse"

Content marketing.., content creation.., content sharing… content, content, content. You have all the likes and fans and followers you could ask for, but without content for them to read and share.., there is not much value in it. I will try and offer some options for a company to tackle one of the most basic … Continue reading "How to create good content from within the company"

Does your company have the right culture to succeed in the new world of social? We are at the brink of a historical shift where the classic way companies are structured (and do business) might no longer be viable. The speed at which everything changes has to be met. And not just by companies, but … Continue reading "The Importance of Company Culture for Enterprise 2.0"

A very often used phrase in the office, a Quick Win. A convenient metaphor to get something done which has quick (and visible) results. But, most of the time it remains to be seen if it actually benefits anything in the long term. Most of the time it’s nothing more than pleasing a co-worker, manager … Continue reading "No Such Thing As A Quick Win"

Your Twitter followers are fellow bloggers.., your retweeters are fellow bloggers.., your commenters are fellow bloggers. How do you reach people beyond that nice comfortable circle? How do you get new readers (non-bloggers)? 1) Don’t focus on Social Media Your first concern for a blog is to assume your potential audience does not use social … Continue reading "7 ways to reach readers beyond your fellow bloggers"

Some say a person cannot be a brand, or that a brand that is a person isn’t personal. Whatever you want to call it, it helps to create a clear and consistent personal profile on the web. If you have to change your job or attracted a new client or a new project it helps … Continue reading "Personal Branding.., why you should?"

Here we go.., way off topic from our usual broadcast. My tribemate Geoff Livingston wrote a post titled “Not Shying Away from Our Great Crisis“. It triggered me to also address this issue.., or problem. Geoff is right. This is the one problem, the one challenge every Earth citizen will have to face sooner or … Continue reading "Climate change: You are the problem"

Great changes in our lives ask for great adaptations in our lives. Moving in together, having a baby, starting a new job or a business.., finding out the world is a sphere. All these things require a lot from a human. These changes do not come easy, we have to adapt our way of thinking.., … Continue reading "The Social Philosophy"

How do we get those who actively resist on board? There are a lot of people who just do their job. Nothing more, nothing less. They show up at work, do what they need to do and leave. And that’s OK. But, the premise for social business is that everybody gets involved (or needs to be). That the … Continue reading "What about those that don’t want to?"

It takes a lot for a business to become a social business. Obviously, having a Facebook page or a Twitter account is only a very small beginning and hardly mentionable (in this day and age). Even when a business has every aspect of the interaction with it’s clients covered through social media.., it still can’t … Continue reading "Not All Businesses Are Created Social"

 The Incredible Triberr-Man, by the marvelous John Garrett Let’s start out by admitting that Triberr is a very weird and unique social network. It takes people few days to get used to it, but I think after you watch this video you get that time down to an hour. To help you get there, Petra Fisher and I sit down for … Continue reading "Complete Video Guide to Triberr"

With a lot of patience. Jay Baer’s company blog is called “Convince and Convert“, because you can only convert someone after you convince them. And according to Seth Godin even that is not enough when you want to sell something, because then, you can only convince after you persuade somebody. Hence patience. But, let’s dig … Continue reading "How Do You Convert The Unconvertible?"

The question whether to reply or not is one answered by your commitment, your involvement and perhaps your attitude. The short answer is ‘Yes’, you should reply. Let me elaborate… Imagine, if you will, the phone rings, it’s a client, you delivered a rapport and the client just calls you up to thank you for … Continue reading "To reply or not to reply, that’s the question"

Guestpost by Dino Dogan Founder of Triberr. Lousy Mixed Martial Artist and a recovering Network Engineer. Pretty good singer/songwriter, trainer of dogs, and a blogger of biz. Fun at parties and a global force for badassery. @dinodogan I’ve been suspecting it for a while, but only mentioned it in confidence. But now I know…top … Continue reading "Top Secret Social Network No One Talks About"

Petra Fisher | The LinkedIn Addict Corporate LinkedIn Training | Executive LinkedIn Coaching | Social Media Marketing | Wannabe Nerd | Train the Trainer | Allround Happy Person | @petrafisher | @linkedinADDICT @PetraFisher 21 #LinkedIn Tips from 7 Experts Three weeks ago I made a whirlwind trip from Amsterdam to Denver Colorado to share … Continue reading "21 #LinkedIn tips from 7 experts [reading time: 3,5 min]"

One of the greatest features of Triberr is the ability to easy reblog a post. Guestblogging is one the best ways to get exposure as a blogger.., but also a great way to get some extra (great) content on your blog. By any reckoning, it’s a win-win situation. Shopping List So, how does it work … Continue reading "How To Reblog a post via Triberr"

Social media legend and all-round nice guy Mark Schaefer posted a story on his blog about a kid who wished only a door for Christmas. Now, I could make this post about how to write a good post, with a catchy title and a clear call to action.., but that wasn’t the goal of Mark’s … Continue reading "The Positive Side of a Community"

Pretty important. For one thing, the hype created around it caused such a surge in use that it grew faster than any other independent site in history. Kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Of course, if it was just a hype then Pinterest would have crashed by now.., but it hasn’t and it probably won’t. To … Continue reading "How Important Is Pinterest Really?"

This discussion is no longer based on a single platform or service. By now it covers your whole digital life and not just on the Internet. And you need to be vigilant. We still have privacy. You just can’t assume everything is just that.

How can companies compete successfully in a sea of products and a flood of information? One possible approach that we recommend to our customers is value based branding. Brands attract people by values. Because values bind us together. They are the foundation for the appeal and gravity of a brand. Simon Sinek Author Simon Sinek gets … Continue reading "Start With Why"

People want an honest and transparent conversation with another human being. And this causes a problem. First, companies are not used to talk so directly, and second, they fear that once the bunny is out of hat.., everything will be shared. So, we keep the bunny in the hat and share nothing… Solution: Be selective … Continue reading "Apple’s Trick and How You Can Apply It to Social Media"

In a (very small) nutshell: With a lot of work. Basically, what it comes down to, is the more effort you put in, the more rewarding it will get. Sound familiar? Your teacher, coach or parents might have said pretty much the same thing. To quote the Beatles (and why not): And in the end, The love … Continue reading "How To Build A Successful Online Presence"

The current momentum surprises even Google. A key challenge for corporate communication is the all increasing information overload. This trend has been reinforced in recent years mainly due to the mobile Internet, which we have constantly available via smartphones and tablets. Latest figures show that the trend is even more dynamic than expected. YouTube currently speaks of … Continue reading "The Future is Mobile"

Most current social media strategies focus on outward communication. They usually start with finding out where your target audience is and what they are saying. After that you join that conversation and build your strategy around the information you have and the goals you have set. But looking inward might be just as important. When … Continue reading "Social Media Goes Beyond Marketing"

@elyse could not find sleep. @andrewh decided to help her out by starting a collaborative bedtime story on This is that story…

Information overload is one of the main challenges for corporate communication of SMEs. It raises the question of how companies can successfully stand out from competitors in a sea of offers and information. The main drivers of this development are social networks and mobile Internet, which are constantly available to us via smartphones and tablets. … Continue reading "Native apps for iOS and Android are the future! – Mark Zuckerberg"

It’s been two weeks now and I have been exploring and using casually. So, what are my first impressions of Like so many I bought a membership and by now a lot of people are posting and reposting. Some got an account but are not very active yet. Some have jumped on the … Continue reading "First Impressions of"

I just joined In my line of work it is kind of mandatory to join new networks. So I join them all, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Triberr, Diaspora* and so on and so on… Tried UNTHINK, Zurker and several others. Not all of them work out or even exist anymore. Some are strong, most … Continue reading " A New Hope"

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In this day and age.., how can you create a website for a social event which is completely unshareable? In Brussels we have an event.., the “Roller Bike Parade” (I don’t even want to link to it, but for the sake of the post I will). It would seem to me that when organizing such … Continue reading "A Completely Unshareable Social Event"

More and more storytelling is becoming on the lists of how to write a blog. I would say that even under the best of circumstances telling a good story is a fair challenge. Now the social guru’s want us to create a storyline over multiple blogposts and in my case with multiple authors. These authors … Continue reading "Storytelling on your blog"

Originally posted on Written by Peter Borner At the 13th annual PEX Week Europe event this week big data was a constant theme as speakers regaled the audience with stories of how the flood of data now available to process professionals can help them deliver the continuous improvement they so desire. The appeal is … Continue reading "The big data path to exceptional customer experience"

This is really happening, a long list of participants are joining the cause in a desperate attempt to wake up congress and stop SOPA. In short, go to to find out more and how to participate.

I’m not sure what to do about this. I haven’t read this whole SOPA thing to minute detail. I know my favorite host is opposing it.., and my favorite platform. And I think I have a pretty good picture by now. The WordPress blog post this video.., and I feel it explains it all quite … Continue reading "Be A Hero, Stop SOPA"

Three years since I started posting a picture on Flickr every day. Sometimes I forgot, but only a hand full of times, but I posted something anyway. Only two rules.., the picture had to be taken with my iPhone and in portrait. Later, when an app became availble for the 3G I shot some video … Continue reading "Squared"

One of the things I learned by staring very hard at my RSS Feeds is that social media is something done by the whole company. Sure, somebody can (or has to) be in charge, but all employees should know about it, contribute and share. Training That is why I put ‘training’ in my strategy and … Continue reading "Social Media Training Within The Company"

I love staying in touch with old friends and colleagues, even when they live on the other side of the world. But that is something which I would have done anyway, in most cases. No, it’s the strangers and their responses that intrigues me. People seek a connection with you because of a common interest … Continue reading "Why I Love Social Media"


110930- One Thousand on Flickr. Since 3th January 2009 I’ve been taken a picture every day. I reached the one thousand mark on 30th September 2011. I have used only my iPhone(s) and shot only in portrait and it does include a view videos. Via Flickr: A thousand days.., a thousand photos. A thousand memories.

Just read this article by Brian Solis. The following passage is how I feel about social media in general and Facebook in particular and it provides me with the answer I was looking for (I just didn’t know how to put it in words). Indeed, privacy as we knew it is dead. It is now … Continue reading "Answer"

A turning point.., a crossroads.., a social media shift… Choice: Do I fully immerse my self in Facebook and Open Graph? It is a fantastic technology, a huge development in how we experience the web. Do we join Facebook and take full advantage of it’s possibilities? Do we do this with open eyes, fully aware … Continue reading "Paradigm Shift"

Ok.., wow… A culture of hackers huh.., well.., I just saw a (propaganda) movie of Anonymous.., they’re hackers.., they have a plan.., and it doesn’t include the word “heaven”.., that should be interesting… Anyway.., it all is kinda creepy.,. I think. But, on the other hand it is something I could get behind.., I like.., … Continue reading "F8"

Well.., according to Wikipedia: “A diaspora (from Greek διασπορά, “scattering, dispersion”) is “the movement, migration, or scattering of people away from an established or ancestral homeland” or “people dispersed by whatever cause to more than one location”, or “people settled far from their ancestral homelands”.

Just wanted to stop and reflect for a moment. 15 years ago we bought our first PC. A Pentium 100 with a 14” screen, a whopping 850MB HDD and 8MB of RAM and a 14k4 modem (soon to be replaced by a 28k8). When I booted it up, that is, I put the plug in … Continue reading "15 Years"



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