About Me

rogier_noort_generation_yWhen I leverage my strengths, I help companies and people define and achieve a desired future state.

My most powerful abilities are inside my head, which makes them difficult to see. But if you knew my strengths, you’d know that I actively solve problems and seek solutions, using logic and information.

I am attracted to assignments that demand original and inventive thinking and inspire people with your images of what can be. Once we agree on a future state, I’m able to reduce its complexity to something that the team can understand and embrace. Then, I help move people in that direction with a sense of structure, urgency, and with the ability to connect them to our vision.

I have an unusual blend of technical know how and relationship building skills. I use both to help companies and teams build and execute a social business plan. My purpose is to guide companies and individuals through the digital transformation and into the 21st century with all the collective wisdom that we have available.

Currently co-producing the Reimagining Work Podcast.
And producing the Digital Transformation Age Podcast.

Fields of Expertise

Digital Transformation / Social Media / Enterprise 2.0 / Social Business / Community Management
 / Content Management / Communication / Blogging / Web-editor / Webcare


Intellection / Positivity / Consistency / Futuristic / Strategic 
/ Objectivity / Clarity / Trust / Discretion / Loyalty / Realistic / Respectful / Results


  • Long time communication expert with experience in various sectors
  • Strong advocate for Social Business (and Social Media) with extensive knowledge of the subject (as well as an extensive network)
  • Well developed people- and communicative skills, ‘easy going’ and empathic personality
  • Excellent project management skills, including work prioritisation, planning, and task delegation
  • Ability to conceptualise and execute projects, with strong bias for action.
  • Extensive work experience (patience) with training, conversion and consulting.


  • Increased Social Media engagement and exposure for the Enterprise 2.0 Summit by 300%
  • Created a Social Media presence and blog and the corporate SocMed policy
  • Designed an eLearning environment. Provided media presence training to over 25 officers (major and up) and professors.
  • Designed and implemented an internal news site during a major merger, and consequently their Intranet.
  • Published an eBook on ‘Why?’ you would want to become a Social Business