Oi! Conference.., and why you should attend

oiconf oi conference online influenceTo be honest here.., and I like being honest:

If you live in the UK.., or if you are in the neighbourhood between 10th and 15th June, you should get a ticket to Oi! now.

Let me tell you why… (but you can buy a ticket first if you want, I’ll wait).

Great Speakers

I was chatting with Mark Schaefer, yeh, I know, name dropping.., but there it is. He mentioned the Online Influence Conference, Oi! for short.
I checked it out and for starters I will give you four reasons why you should attend:

oi conference oiconf onlince influence

If you recognise (any of) these names then you can buy tickets right here (no affiliate), right now.

It’s a Tour

Now, this is not any old conference. It’s a tour!
The above mentioned tour four cities in the UK: Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester (this is where I’ll be, so let’s meet up) and Glasgow.
For the last three there are still early bird tickets available at, wait for it.., £99. For Cardiff it’s £149. Boom, another excuse out the door.., it is not expensive.

I’m really inspired by the energy and drive behind this conference. It’s shaping up to be a powerful day of practical learning from some of the best minds in the US, and beyond!

Mark Schaefer

So, a tour. All four will speak at all four events. And not just them. Local talent is invited to sit in on forums and have there own talks.
Combining mega power with local knowledge…, nice concept, right?

Oi! Needs You

130401- Two PuppiesHere’s a photo of our puppies.., just to keep your attention long enough to read the following:

Of course, this is a weird blog post and I’m only writing it because the organisation behind this conference are just “a couple of bloggers and friends” who love putting this together.., but they need there seats filled in order to break even. They need your help.

You can read more about this on the Oi! blog, written by Tony Dowling, the founding father of the Oi!.

Remember, I’m not gaining anything by writing this, Tony asked for help, this is how I’m giving it. I already bought a ticket (I don’t need more).

Enrich Yourself

So, that’s all I got.

I don’t you do not want to miss this and if you are a Social Media professional you cannot miss this.

Plus, there is no reason for you not miss this. It’s just such incredible value for money.., it’d be really be silly not to go.
Just to put things into perspective.., I bought the early bird for Manchester, I’m staying in a hotel walking distance from the venue, have a Ryanair flight from Belgium! And I still pay less than the last conference I went to (without a flight and without a hotel).

Just saying…

Get your ticket now!


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