Just read this article by Brian Solis. The following passage is how I feel about social media in general and Facebook in particular and it provides me with the answer I was looking for (I just didn’t know how to put it in words).

Indeed, privacy as we knew it is dead. It is now something that we have to learn and teach. Your privacy settings in Facebook are yours to manage. But, to do so takes initiative and an understanding that like your credit score, what you share online requires definition and reinforcement. Remember, what works against us also works for us. We’re essentially adding a layer of thoughtfulness in our social networking to better tell our story and also enjoy the stories of others.

So there you have it. We move ahead.., we just need to be more cautious about where we click or what we like. Be more conscious and use your head when you surf the Internet.

Remember that the easier it is to share.., the easier it is to share the wrong thought…

Author: Rogier Noort

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