Oh No, It’s Weekend!!

Stuff that caught my attention this week, or posts that are worth mentioning.
Something to do or read over the weekend.

A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketing Consultant

For starters I liked Mike McGrail‘s post “A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketing Consultant“.
(Actually, this post is from the week before, but it kinda popped in my head when I started this post.., so I’m putting it up here anyway.)

A cool (and funny) post, the title says it all. For me this came exactly at the right moment. I wasn’t aware of how much I needed a schedule until I read this post.

It stimulated me to focus on my own daily routine. A routine which is, at the moment, dominated by our puppies. Eating, sleeping, pooping.., that kind of stuff. And in the meantime I have to focus on my start-up and this blog.

Mike is, and writes for, Velocity Digital.

To Almost Die

On the heavier side of things there is Geoff Livingston‘s post “To Almost Die“. A strong post questioning our mortality and asking the question how we feel about death.

Geoff writes very openly about his adventures which, give or take a split second or half an inch, could have ended his life prematurely. Having a daughter and plenty of positive things in his life, he questions the validity of walking the tight rope.

Sometimes we just need to read a heavy post to make us stop and think, to keep us grounded. You can’t walk with your head in the clouds all the time.

Geoff shares his thoughts on geofflivingston.com.

A Webinar

I stayed up late for a webinar by Stan Smith of Pushing Social fame and co-author of Born to Blog. Stan caught my attention through Mark Schaefer’s blog and because of the book. When I caught wind of his webinar “Side-Income Blogging” I decided I needed to attend. And it was worth it.

When you read a lot of blog posts about blogging then at some point you know a lot, you know how to set up a blog and how to write. Getting feedback is not that hard, a few comments, a few Tweets.., not that hard (especially when you use Triberr).

You think you know it all, but you don’t. There is always something new to learn. Stan teaches how to put all that knowledge into practice, and that’s where it counts.

Find out more about Stan and his webinars on Pushing Social.

And A Tutorial

Dino Dogan posted about Reblogging through the Triberr platform. It’s something that takes more shape with every iteration of the platform and frankly, I think it’s a great concept benefiting both the author and the blog that reblogs the post.

So, I decided to reblog the post about reblogging only to find that the post was already reblogged by Dino. So, I searched for the original post so I could reblog it properly.

I found it, written by Brent Carnduff on EchelonSEO.com. Then I started thinking and remembered I had written a similar post.

Triberr has many friends and supporters. And the more popular it gets, the more posts will be written about.
I mentioned it before, but the Triberr Team created a great and supporting community.

It’s textbook. And we can all learn from it.

Happy weekend people.

Just take it easy, man. – The Dude


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