Ok.., wow…
A culture of hackers huh.., well.., I just saw a (propaganda) movie of Anonymous.., they’re hackers.., they have a plan.., and it doesn’t include the word “heaven”.., that should be interesting…

Anyway.., it all is kinda creepy.,. I think. But, on the other hand it is something I could get behind.., I like.., nay.., love the idea of a social internet.
What’s disturbing me is when that dude comes on for the closing talk (at the F8) he so enthusiastically tells us it is all about the people then turns around and starts talking about how much money these people are making.

Okay.., it’s about people.., people making money… the developers who sit there are deducting the costs of the conference to the company.

If it was so much about people.., you’d drop the advertisements and give the people back the control over their data and how they use it… I’d say the monetization of the web is what’s driving these companies and they use the people, or social aspect to reach their goals.., isn’t that how it always goes.

“It’s all about you.., we care about you.., buy our shit and we’ll show you!”.

It’s OK to have a people and a social angle.., hell.., it’s a social network.., by all means.., connect everything you possibly can (just as long as I stay in control).., but don’t forget to mention that making money is still at the core of the business.

So, yes.., I think it’s creepy because they plan awesome things.., really great developments.., actually changing the future and that’s great.., but I believe they’re doing it for the wrong reasons. Especially when it is to promote keg stands, which is arguably one of the more stupid things to do…

Don’t get me wrong.., I love social media.., hell, it’s my job.., and I really think Open Graph is awesome and I wish everything does connect and the Internet will be a place where people can safely navigate and share everything and find great stuff and information.., but please… Do it for the right reasons or at least tell us what you really want or how you think to obtain it.., we will still use your product.., we might even throw in a bit of respect.

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