Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2014: First case studies confirmed. #e20s

e20s_1_smallThe preparations for the upcoming Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2014 are in full swing. Kongress Media, the organising company, is planning the event for 11 -12 February, again in Paris (we do not mind that).

And, according to Björn Negelmann, this the Summit will have a bit more of a French flavour. Meaning, some sessions will be in French. This is choice is made, in part, to serve the local (French) market a bit more.

This is a good thing, as I need to work on my French anyway.

The confirmed cases are presented by the following people:

  • Olivier Amprimo (L’Oreal)
  • Celine Schillinger (Sanofi)
  • Dan Florescu (ING)

Although the topics are not yet available (it’s still a while until Februari), the speakers are very interesting. And judging from their position and the firms they work for, we (i.e. you) can make an educated guess.

Olivier Amprimo

Olivier can be found “at the junction of management, technology & culture, to maximize knowledge work & make organizations more competitive.”

I love that one-liner. Very well thought out and explaining exactly what you can expect from him.

Olivier is a Parisian, so you can expect this talk to be in French. He is director of collaborative development at L’Oreal and share’s his thoughts on VeniVidiLuxi.

Celine Schillinger

Celine has been featured on this blog before. She’s an Engagement and Social Collaboration Leader. She’s the embodiment of The Disruptor.

Working at Sanofi Pastuer she kicked of a movement (read: revolution) for more equality within the workplace. There’s a fair chance Ceiline will share that story. I hope so, it’s captivating.

Celine is director/stakeholder Engagement at Sanofi Pasteur, has her own blog (WeNeedSocial.com) and is very active on Twitter.

Dan Florescu

Dan is the Intranet Product Manager at ING. A Romanian born, working in the Netherlands at ING for over 3 years now.

He’s an alumni from the Politehnica University of Bucharest.


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