The Right To Grow Your Own by @sowandso

A non social media/business guest post today. And although it might not have anything to do with our social platforms, it has everything to do with our social society. The idea of companies ruling our food supply is a terrifying idea. The pushing of GMO’s is beyond terrifying, it is outright horrific.

In my opinion, it is nothing short of an elaborate form of population control and a very dangerous path where a few mega companies control our food supplies.

Can you think of anything more scary? I can’t.
Something to think about over the weekend.

Grow your own

Can you imagine not growing your own? Not experimenting with different varieties of vegetables and fruit that suit your climate/soil/preference? Can you imagine all those amazing heirloom varieties disappearing and being replaced by GMO seeds that you need to spray with harmful chemicals for the plants to survive?


It all sounds far fetched and I don’t blame you but it could happen if the EU gets its way …or should I say the big corporate GMO companies who have a strangle hold on the EU. Unbeknown to most of us, on 6 May they pushed for a law that prohibits the use of non-certified seeds! Because of countless protests they made a last minute change, so home gardeners are now permitted to grow and swap unapproved seeds, individuals and small organisations with less then 10 employees can supply and sell seeds and seed banks may grow unapproved seeds.

BUT there are clauses in the law that mean that these concessions they so gracefully made can be overturned without the need to vote again. Check out this link for more information on this article:

Garden B&W


I have never been an outspoken person, I do not like hefty discussions. They always make me feel uncertain, but this news has grabbed me by the throat.

I feel I need to be in the front line of the protests and am outraged that this is all happening behind closed doors.

Growing your own is a fundamental right and over recent years it has become more and more popular. At last people are starting to understand the need to grow your own ORGANICALLY and then they want to take it away from us.


And then there is the unethical basis of this all, where big conglomerates have a monopoly on the seed business. No other business allows this and they would certainly frown upon it.

Small, often family based seed selling businesses (like, are likely to disappear and with them the seeds they have grown with such care and consideration for nature in order that we hobby farmers can enjoy the best tasting healthy homegrown vegetables there are.

Garlic B&W


Yes.. let’s not forget our health. It is slowly starting to dawn on people that biodiversity is a necessity, that GMO seeds have proven already to cause damage to the soil, the health of the people who work with them and ultimately our health. Take a look at this infograph which explains why using GMO seeds is a bad idea.

To be honest, I have no idea how to change the minds of the EU people. I could go and protest in Brussels, it is not that far away but I don’t think I would be make much of an impression standing there alone. If however there were more people who agree with me that this situation is ludicrous then please contact me at

We have a right to grow our own!



Author: Laila Noort

My name is Laila Noort. Originally the gardener of a 2×2 square metre garden, balcony and windowsill in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, I am now the owner of more than 2,000 square metres of grassland in the Belgian Ardennes. I used to work as a secretary in an office but always felt there must be more to life…

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