Nestivity.., the next step in the Twitterverse

nestivity, new communty management for twitterAccording to Nestivity this is the community engagement platform for Twitter we’ve all been waiting for.., finally.

What Nestivity does is put a community layer on top of your Twitter account. Allowing you to create a community around your Twitter handle.
You create a Nest.., for all the Tweets.., get it?

There is a small level of customization, you can add a logo and a wallpaper.., that’s good. Nestivity can then reflect your Twitter page.
Effectively creating a Twitter Fan Page.., but better (or so they say).

Organize and create

You can organize your following better, and engage better with them. You can create  conversations and projects. Link these via a #hashtag and they are easy to find and follow. And all the related Tweets are brought together on the project- or discussion page.

On your homepage people can very easily interact with you. This is of course a great feature if you have a big following with which you interact a lot.
They can easily share an experience, post an idea or ask a question. The ‘question’ is shown in the community module so everybody can see it and because they use Twitter as their conversation channel, the question gets Tweeted too.

Nestivity for engagement

All inbound Tweets with your handle are sorted in your nest.., very easy to respond. And when a Tweet calls for more interaction it’s easily turned into a discussion, which can then easily be tracked and read in your nest.

Nestivity is a tool with which you can listen better to your followers, not just speak (broadcast).
One of the biggest advantages on other tools is the aggregated streams of Tweets within a certain project (or a question you asked). Nothing is lost in the deluge of other tweets, everything is archived and searchable.

Links get shortened by Twitter and the tool is optimized for all screen sizes. No app.., ’cause they don’t need it.


It’s a freemium tool.., anyone can sign-up and use it. For the more demanding users with bigger teams there is a Pro, Business and Corporate plan. So, everybody gets served and everybody gets to play, which is nice, I think.

Anybody can have their own nest.


Scheduled to launch at SXSW 2013 (they have a booth there). The platform has been open for sign-up for an early Beta list.
The public launch is planned for mid April. Sign-up here before 15th March to secure your handle and get early access (before the public release.

What do I think?

I like it.., but then again.., I like a lot of things, especially when they are shiny and new.

The good thing about Nestivity is that it brings something really new to Twitter. I’ve been using Tweetdeck forever now (still can’t get Hootsuite into my system).., but there has always been the same transient feeling to it. Nestivity has the potential to put a bit of permanency into an otherwise fleeting platform.
The fact that it’s free also helps. So, yes, I’m going to try it out.

Are you going to try out Nestivity?

Author: Rogier Noort

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5 thoughts on “Nestivity.., the next step in the Twitterverse”

  1. I don’t think anyone ‘gets’ lists. And #hashtags are a crude attempt at context. Nestivity looks to be far easier to use. (Full disclosure: Nestivity is a client of mine. And yes, I’m selective)

    1. Hey Jenna, thanks for stopping by. I actually use lists a lot, for me it’s the only way to keep track of certain people, in some sort of context..
      Full disclosure on my part.., I have no affiliate with Nestivity at all.., I just like the idea.
      I’m glad Nesitivity is a client of yours, it seems like a worthy endeavour.

    2. Hey Jenna, thanks for stopping by. Glad for you Nestivity is a client, it seems like a promising platform. My disclosure, I have no affiliate with Nestivity what so ever…

      I do use lists a lot to keep track, otherwise… hashtags not so much. It’d be interesting to see how Nestivity will fit into the daily routine…

  2. Thanks @RogierNoort. Your write up gives a great overview of Nestivity. Please contact me if there’s anything else I can help clarify.

    1. Thanks for visiting and dropping a line Henry. Glad I got it right. Maybe I’ll do a follow up in a couple of weeks, after getting my hands on it.

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