The Age of the Social Entrepreneur by @Mark_Harai

Social Entrepreneurs possess a mindset to build strategic relationships with their customers, vendors, suppliers, distributors, stakeholders and anyone who has a stake in the future success of their business.

The definition of a social entrepreneur.

By leveraging social web-based technologies you can strengthen the vitality and health of the “people relationships” that are instrumental to the health and longevity of your business.

Building your organization on a foundation of teamwork and partnerships will benefit both those inside and outside of your organization. It’s this mindset that drives the social entrepreneur.

The social web has established a platform for business owners to influence the future buying decisions of consumers by building strong relationships in the marketplace.

By being helpful, educational and attentive to people your business desires to serve, you can build a bridge that leads to your door when a buying decision is made.

Social entrepreneurs can effectively leverage human capital in ways traditional business cannot.  It’s this advantage right here that big business will never have…

Big businesses ‘buy’ everything they need, while social business can ‘inspire’ people to fill their needs.

It’s not to say a social business doesn’t spend money on filling their needs; but it does lead to connecting with and investing in people in more meaningful ways that aligns interests & personalities, and leads to loyalty & trust.

A social business established on a foundation like this has a bright future, indeed.

Social businesses are driven to make the world a better place for all…

Quote - think your idea can change the world.

Social businesses measure performance and profitability, but they also take into account the impact they are having on society.

A purpose driven business with a vision bigger than itself can align with other like-minded individuals and businesses to effect positive social and economic change in the communities they serve.

I think it’s great that CEO’s rake in millions, hundreds of millions in some cases, in compensation from large organizations they manage. But it really doesn’t make good sense for social businesses.

I’m not against an individual raking in a fortune from the work they do – I just believe it’s good social business to spread the wealth around; especially to those people and communities that are instrumental to your long term success.

That seems like a good investment of money to me :)

Social business goes beyond the boundaries of the past… You’re not bound by territory, you’re not bound by politics, you’re not bound by religion – you’re not even bound by not having a bunch of cash to start your business.

You’re bound only by your own desire & vision and the actions you take to connect with like-minded people across the globe who join your efforts to change the world one relationship at a time.

Social entrepreneurs build worthwhile businesses.

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