21 #LinkedIn tips from 7 experts [reading time: 3,5 min]

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21 #LinkedIn Tips from 7 Experts

Petra Fisher, Andrew Cameron, Lori Ruff, Carol Smith, Mike O'Neil, The Dream Team in Denver. LinkedIn, LinkedIn Training, Graphic Design, Revenue AttractionThree weeks ago I made a whirlwind trip from Amsterdam to Denver Colorado to share the stage with social media experts from 3 countries and 4 states. After a great party to start the holiday season on Tuesday, we had a day of training, training and more training on Thursday November 29th. As if the party with “500+” (true LinkedIn style) attending wasn’t exiting enough… well over a 100 people enjoyed the training sessions on Thursday and what an audience they were.

When people engage and participate like that, I know exactly why I love training so much!
Thank you! To all people attending and actively engaging.

Introducing the experts…

With the focus on LinkedIn, it is tempting to list the 7 experts in order of network size. For a bit of a different approach, here they are in first name alphabetical order.

Andrew Cameron, Graphic Designer at Graphic Breeze
Brad Friedman, Online and Social Media Specialist at The Friedman Group
Carol Smith, Revenue Advisor at Revenue Attraction
Dino Dogan, Founder of Triberr at Triberr
Hollie Clere, Social Media Consultant at The Social Media Advisor
Lori Ruff / Mike O’Neil, LinkedIn Experts at Integrated Alliances
Petra Fisher, LinkedIn Trainer | Public Speaker at PetraFisher.com

21 tips from 7 LinkedIn and Social Media Experts

  1. Banners on different social media platforms all differ in size. Don’t crop graphics to fit, they lose quality. Design the graphics to the specifications of each platform.
  2. On your LinkedIn Company Page, even the main header and the header of the products and services page have different dimensions.
  3. Using a consistent style of designs on different platforms helps you brand you company.
  4. Every day you wait to jump into social media, your competition is already out there having the conversation without you.
  5. Managing social media can be exceptionally complex, particularly for professionals, such as lawyers, doctors, dentists, CPAs, and financial services providers. Adhere to the ethical and legal requirements of your profession.
  6. Whether you are using LinkedIn or other sites like Xing, Plaxo, Facebook or Twitter, your online “personality” is determined by your profile.
  7. Your two assets are your listing of connections, and profile content. Be sure to download them and keep them safe in case LinkedIn deletes your profile.
  8. In order to best deliver a high quality customer experience, you need an organization that is laser focused on customer value.
  9. You can use LinkedIn to open up new channels to reach new customers.
  10. When making a connection with someone on LinkedIn, be sure to include a private message that is different from the auto template on LinkedIn.
  11. Communication is key when working with your support team. If something isn’t how you expected it to be, then it is better to clear it up immediately than let it sit and become a bigger issue.
  12. Monitor the traffic on your social pages. If a new direction is needed in your content sharing, it is best to put together a structured marketing initiative sooner than later.
  13. We went from a back-linking culture to a sharing culture.
  14. Why are Microsoft and other companies so big? Cos they were founded at the right time, in the right place. Missed the wave? Create your own.
  15. RSS is dead. Not just cos Google killed it with Chrome, it also prevents people from actually visiting your site.
  16. A quick template for a good LinkedIn profile: Who are you? What is your focus? Define and use 2-5 keywords. Write in 1st person.
  17. A change on your website may take weeks to show up in Google, a change in your LinkedIn Profile shows up within fifteen minutes.
  18. When someone reaches out to you and wishes to connect, don’t ask yourself “why?” ask yourself “why not”.
  19. Importing an email list into LinkedIn is a quick way to see who on the list is already s member of LinkedIn. Then go and invite them one by one with a customised message.
  20. The new look profile shows you in one glance if you have common interests with the person whose profile you are looking at, what a great conversation starter!
  21. Get in touch with any of the experts on this page and your business will developed in great leaps and bounds.

>>> What tips can you add to this list?<<<

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