60 Pieces of Blogging Advice: Extended (E-book)

60 pieces of blogging advice - E-book

I’ve been busy.., really busy. Next to updating my website with the Genesis Framework and Enterprise theme, I’ve been working on E-books. Yes, multiple.

60 pieces of blogging advice - E-book

To kick things of I decided to extend on the 75 Pieces of Blogging Advice. I know.., I say extend and end up with 60 pieces instead of 75. Well, in the blogpost I cheated a little bit in order to grow the list just that little bit further. You have to agree, 75 is a pretty impressive number for a list.

In the book I dig deeper into each point, clarifying it and offer links to resources where applicable. I organised the topics into coherent categories and basically provide a bottom up approach for starting a blog.


I need to express myself, I need to offer something to apiece the masses whom flock to my blog in droves. No, it’s not that good, yet.
I just wanted to write it down, “75 Pieces” was a successful post, one of my more successful ones and that is something to acknowledge. I knew I could extend on it.

Almost free

Yeh, you were hoping I’d offer this masterpiece for free, didn’t ya? Well, it’s almost free.

I followed a great, and extensive (and awfully good value for money) workshop obout Side Income Blogging. The workshop was given by Stan Smith, author of Born to Blog and Head Master at Pushing Social.

It was a seven week joyride with so much information that the data limit on my internet connection got a beating every time we were done.

Mailing List

One of the main pieces of advice, with the tenacity of an African Honey Badger, is; Grow a mailing list. I understand that, Stan even spend a whole hour on that topic. And, after reviewing (and dismissing) my sad attempt at a sign-up-box, I decided to do something about that (see the box below this post).

Stan was such a great motivator for me that I asked him to write the foreword for the E-book. So, thanks Stan.

Rogier gives you exactly what you need for a strong start as a blog publisher. It’s a tremendous resource. Use it. – Stan Smith


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