Climate change: You are the problem

Climate change: You are the porblemHere we go.., way off topic from our usual broadcast. My tribemate Geoff Livingston wrote a post titled “Not Shying Away from Our Great Crisis“. It triggered me to also address this issue.., or problem.

Geoff is right. This is the one problem, the one challenge every Earth citizen will have to face sooner or later in one form or another. As a blogger I have a certain platform and, as far as I’m concerned, a responsibility to address this problem.
In fact.., I believe that every TV station, news outlet, blog, artist.., anybody and anything that has some sort of audience should address this problem. It is that big and that profound.

So, every first Friday of the month I write an article dedicated to this change we all face. And I hope other bloggers will follow suit, regardless of their niche.

You Are The Problem

I’m not going to argue the validity of climate change (maybe in another post), if you haven’t noticed our climate is changing or if you believe that we are not responsible or that it just isn’t true.., all I can say (or scream) is wake up and get scared, quickly.

Why are you the problem? I noticed that most solutions offered always use the words “we” and “ours” and very popular one “the government”.
It’s always the herd that needs to change direction.., but if you leave it to the herd.., nothing will change.

People, like many other animals, find safety in numbers. This absolves us of our individual responsibilities.

I literately had people say to me that they didn’t need to do anything to ‘save the planet’ because I was already doing it, at the time I drove a hybrid and watched my electrical usage in the house.

The only way for us, as a species, to find some way to limit the change of our new climate (because the changes will come and they will be permanent), is if we all do our bit, no exceptions.

That means you! You need to use (a lot) less fossil fuels, you need to eat (a lot) less meat, you need to find alternative energy sources, you need to invest in cleaner energy, you need to buy less stuff (or buy quality stuff that lasts longer), you need to convince your neighbours, you need to grow your own food, you need to talk to your local government and get them to adopt changes.., you need to change.

The few fighters we have, the few who are aware of the possible devastation in our food supply’s, the coming shortage of fresh water, the rising sea levels.., we are too few. We can only do so much.

We need to change before we are forced to change. What do you do?

Author: Rogier Noort

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