A Bedtime Story on App.net

@elyse could not find sleep.

@andrewh decided to help her out by starting a collaborative bedtime story on App.net.

This is that story…


Elyse and the Butterfly

Once upon a time, deep in a forest, there lived Elyse, the Koala.
One sunny morning Elyse awoke to a loud and thunderous noise… What could it be?!

Elyse was quite perturbed by the sound! Such noises were rarely heard in the forest! She left her tree to investigate making certain to pack a box lunch of eucalyptus shoots for the road, and made her way across the strangely empty forest floor passing the pond where @adamlcox had transmogrified into an eagle and the creepy cave where @lucypepper the Panther usually hung out she came to the largest eucalyptus tree she had ever seen.

It must have grown there overnight!

At the top of the tree she saw a leaf so juicy it made her lunch look like stale bread! Hmm, she thought, maybe I can see the source of this terrible noise from up there, and I might as well eat the leaf while I’m at it.
As she enjoyed her leaf and took in the morning sunshine she noticed a bright glare out of the corner of her eye. Nearly blinding, what could it be?!

The bright light took the shape of a butterfly. As it flew past her, she reached out to grab it, but then she suddenly lost her grip on the tree and plunged downwards!
The butterfly turned around, and with wings shining like rainbows, sped to the falling Elyse catching her in its surprisingly strong arms mere inches from the ground.

“How can I every repay you?” the astonished Elyse asked

“My friend has been kidnapped by LucyPepper the Panther” said the butterfly. “Will you help me to rescue her”

“Of course I will” said Elyse, who was a kindly soul. “But I don’t know how useful a Koala will be!”.
“They sped off down the track towards the noise, rounding a corner they came upon the great purple panther, holding the butterfly’s friend, a tiny caterpillar named Rachel. LucyPepper was torturing the poor little caterpillar with a large speaker system at full volume playing “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

“Oh, that’s my favorite,” said Elyse. “You can’t bother me with that. You’re speaker doesn’t even go to eleven!”

The poor caterpillar, however, was petrified. Just then the Panther noticed Elyse and the Butterfly! “More victims” she shouted and leapt towards them.

Elyse, armed with her eucalyptus-leaf shield and bamboo sword, charged into the fray. But then the butterfly, growing brighter and filling the sky.
The butterfly, who was always good at transforming, of course, turned into a huge barn owl that snatched up Elyse and the caterpillar and flew them home to Elyse’s eucalyptus tree.

“Well,” said Elyse, “I better pick which trees I climb with more thought and less adventure next time!”

– The End –


Story written by: @andrewh @shawnking @adamlcox @acfusco @elyse @lucypepper
Thanks for this people, it is why I love social media.

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