Moving Social Business Forward With #E20S

Last week we enjoyed the first Enterprise 2.0 Summit in London. With 78 attendees it wasn’t a big event, but, as far as I’m concerned, it was a successful conference. Now we look forward to the 2015 Paris edition (3-5 February).


Walking the Social Business Walk

A friend of mine started work at a relatively modern company with a relatively modern product. It’s a product that’s always needed, so there is always a market. The initial impressions are really good. Before her first day she received an email with a bunch of information. Mainly about her first day (and week), her […]


The Reimagining Work Podcast

Finally. I love podcasts. Or rather, I love producing stuff, creating stuff. What often lacks is a purpose, a goal, a topic. Writing blogposts is one of the channels where I can explore some creativity, use my brain and puny talents to produce something nice. And hopefully, worth the read. Podcasts are a great way […]


The Importance of Empathy

Empathy, apparently the definition is more complex than I thought. However, in the context of the workplace environment I believe the following suits best: the power of understanding and imaginatively entering into another person’s feelings Science In a just released study, named Voluntary Enhancement of Neural Signatures of Affiliative Emotion Using fMRI Neurofeedback, scientists found […]

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Collaboration: Salvation or Myth

Collaboration is an important part of productivity. It’s a highly desired commodity, but seemingly more elusive that you’d might think.., and it cannot be forced. The other day my wife saw a message from an old colleague.., they’re moving her to a flex desk. “Now, I’m no longer allowed to place a photo of my […]


Influencing People Around Us, Spreading #SocBiz

Anybody familiar with this blog knows I have a passion for Social Business. In fact, it’s almost an (un)healthy obsession. I just believe this is the way forward for people and businesses alike. Not just to make a bigger profit, although that is one heck of a motivator for many, but mainly because of the […]


Review: The 8 Step Guide to a Social Workplace by @adigaskell

Some time ago I had the good fortune of being asked to publish my content to DZone: Social Business. I was quite honored to be considered, after all, I was merely a fledgling SocBiz blogger. The dude that asked me is Adi Gaskell (@adigaskell). We’ve been “following” each other ever since. Next to that, he’s […]


Post*Shift and the Long Term Change

Last February, in Paris, I was fortunate enough to catch Lee Bryant’s talk about how to approach the adaptation of Social Business within a company. I caught up with him a few days after #e20s to discuss this vision, and Post*Shift, a bit more in-depth. Throughout the conference, several talks covered several approaches on when, […]