The Switch

I’m changing direction, again. Life is never dull and opportunites should never be ignored.

Sometimes you choose your path.., sometimes life chooses the path.

This website, or blog, is dedicated for such a large part to “Social Business”. Not Enterprise 2.0 or the Digital Enterprise, or Digital Transformation. My philosophy was never about digitizing companies, at best it was to help and use new digital tools to enhance a company, or the lives of people working within these companies.

No, my philosophy was litteraly about making business more social, not in a society kind of way, but internally. But.., that’s not where the money is, and thusly, that is not where the interest is.

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First Principle as a Personal Guide

A First Principle is a fundamental truth from which all other truths are derived.

A First Principle can be seen as a Prime Directive (as a modern pop culture reference). It is basically determined by you. You choose what is.

However, there’s a little bit more to it;

… in the first place, they must be so clear and evident that the human mind, when it attentively considers them, cannot doubt of their truth; in the second place, the knowledge of other things must be so dependent on them as that though the principles themselves may indeed be known apart from what depends on them, the latter cannot nevertheless be known apart from the former.

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Interview or Interrogation

Job interviews should be a two way street. Both parties stand to benefit from a positive result. It boggles the mind that (some) HR still can’t get it right.

This is a guest post by Laila Noort

I have had a reasonable successful career as an office administrator for the last 25 years. Successful because I have almost always had a job. I started out working for employment agencies in a time where jobs were plentiful, job hopping from one to the next. To be honest, I can’t even count the amount of job interviews I have done.

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