75 Pieces of Blogging Advice

75 pieces blogging advice

I suggested to someone there would be a 1001 pieces of blogging advice. So I decided to write them down.

But, I failed.., maybe if I’d stretch it I can hit 100, or 200 if I really keep going.., but 75 is good enough.

75 pieces blogging adviceHere is the fully unordered list of blog advice:

  1. Don’t be afraid
  2. You are not writing a novel
  3. Get WordPress.org
  4. not WordPress.com
  5. Use personal hosting
  6. and make it green while you’re at it (Dreamhost Affiliate)
  7. Get a good theme, pay for it
  8. Find a niche your comfortable with
  9. and stick with it
  10. Be genuine
  11. Be honest
  12. Make sure your SEO is in order
  13. Use keywords
  14. Use spell check
  15. Write an About Me page
  16. write this in the first person
  17. Use social sharing
  18. Let everyone comment
  19. moderate after they comment
  20. Respond to every comment
  21. Use Triberr
  22. Use Twitter
  23. Get guest bloggers
  24. Guest blog yourself
  25. Use categories
  26. but not too many
  27. Use tags
  28. as many as you want
  29. Use rel=”author”
  30. Use Google+
  31. Come up with a consisted theme
  32. or rather, a personal brand
  33. Set up statistics from day one
  34. Don’t focus to much on statistics
  35. Read this list
  36. Read a book
  37. or two
  38. Be nice
  39. Be controversial
  40. but be nice
  41. Solve problems for people
  42. Write “evergreen” articles
  43. Not every article has to be that killer article
  44. Find your targeting audience
  45. Know who you write for
  46. Have a fast loading site
  47. Make sure your theme is responsive
  48. Grow an Email list
  49. Use a clear call to action
  50. When in doubt, do not publish
  51. or get a second opinion
  52. Use emotions
  53. Be personal
  54. Use paragraphs
  55. Don’t write too long
  56. unless you’ve earned the attention
  57. Don’t leave your reader hanging
  58. start with the answer
  59. then the why and how
  60. Don’t lie
  61. in your headlines
  62. or anywhere else
  63. Make you headlines perfectly clear
  64. don’t be too clever about it
  65. Use a landing page
  66. to make clear what the blog is about
  67. or to promote your product
  68. Use the sidebar wisely
  69. Put your face on the blog
  70. Create a podcast
  71. Use video
  72. Have two sets of analytics, to compare
  73. also useful to show advertisers
  74. Work with affiliates
  75. Do not blog every day (you are not Mashable)
  76. twice a week is more than enough
  77. Have fun

Did I miss something? Anything to add? Please do, the comment section is yours.

Author: Rogier Noort

Digital Transformer | Thinker | Listener | Speaker | Podcaster | Writer | Blogger Twitter or LinkedIn.

11 thoughts on “75 Pieces of Blogging Advice”

  1. Don’t use big words when simple language will suffice (see what I did there?).

    Great list!

  2. I am now pregnant and hopefully I will start delivering good stuffs in my blog now. though I have huge problem on widget fixing. I think I still need help in this area.

    1. There is certainly a learning curve with WordPress. You do have limits with WordPress.com (I do not know how many or which). Google is your friend here Sam.

        1. There’s a plugin for Fixed Widgets, works like treat. But, you can’t install it on WordPress.com (probably).
          Get your own domain and your own hosting (or pay for an upgrade on WordPress.com).
          From there, you have absolute freedom and control over your site and your content. Good luck.

          1. Not much I can do about that I’m afraid. Having a WordPress.com account is definitely the next best thing. You just have to work with what you’ve got then.

          2. Thank you very much for talking to me. I am happy that I get to talk to a celebrity. Gratitude once again sir!

  3. Thank you! Finally a practical list. Most of the other advice I’ve found is somewhat squishy- such as be true to yourself. Fine advice, but I was happy to see you include – Use Spellcheck. I’ll often write posts in a word processor and then copy and past them into a post. There’s better editing in a word processor than the native blogging software. This is important for many reasons – but if you’re ever looking for a job and someone see’s a poorly written post, it may affect your chances of getting hired.

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