Paradigm Shift

A turning point.., a crossroads.., a social media shift…

Choice: Do I fully immerse my self in Facebook and Open Graph?

It is a fantastic technology, a huge development in how we experience the web. Do we join Facebook and take full advantage of it’s possibilities?
Do we do this with open eyes, fully aware of the dangers this might bring to our privacy.., how much privacy do we have left anyway?
Do we trust the big ones or will we be skeptical, paranoid or even afraid of them?
What does it matter if they know whether I like Coke over Pepsi (and I really do)?
Why is it a bad thing if I get advertisements tailored to my tastes.., it’s a whole lot better than being bombarded with adverts which have absolutely nothing to do with me.

Then again.., will all this information be used against me at some point in time by somebody who doesn’t like me for whatever reason…

Then there is my job.., I am the social media guy at work.., I should explore everything.., all possibilities.., how can I do that if I’m to withhold from certain developments.

And then there is the future…
What if half a billion people and one company decide that this is the future.., who am I to argue. And am I willing to pass it by.., what will it be like in 10 or 20 years time…

I guess I have to sleep on it for a bit more.., or even meditate.

What do you think?

Author: Rogier Noort

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