Corporate Rebels United, kickstarting evolution.

Amelia Earhart was, by any reckoning, an extraordinary woman. Her unconventional upbringing by her mother ensured she’d not be “a nice little girl” and her determination to do things differently, to brake the mould was evident from a young age.

Amelia Earhart - Corporate Rebels UnitedDespite rough times and health problems she worked herself up to become one of the most inspiring people in our recent history. Her disappearance only adding to the legend.

By any measure Earhart can be considered a rebel. And it’s no wonder Corporate Rebels United uses her image to reflect their intend.

Corporate Rebels United

I came across an article by Philippe Borremans. The headline grabbed me: “We need more “corporate anarchists”…” and at the very bottom he mentioned Corporate Rebels United.

What a post… I just had to check it out.

A Change is a Coming

This may not be an obvious change, evolution never is. It’s not written on a wall, or a news broadcast. It’s probably a change you’re not consciously aware of at all, but it is coming regardless.

It will take considerable effort to make this change, to live through it, to wake up.

Principle-3: We have the mandate to be brave and to challenge the status quo.

Not Revolution but Evolution

In my opinion people have a more and more negative image about society and people. Sadly, I’m one of them.

Maybe I’m just projecting my own views, they tend to be on the negative side of things.., however, I do prefer calling myself a realist, not a pessimist. Meaning there is room for improvement.

Anyway, ever since I started with Social Media and grew towards Social Business I became more and more aware of this evolution.

And I’m starting to believe that this particular evolution, this particular change is what we need. And I do mean “need”.

We need to change, move on, grow up.., evolve…

Principle-4: We will reboot our corporate and organizational culture to install a 21st century, digitally native version.

Living Consciously

The biggest problem with “just doing your job” is that it dumbs you down. OK, maybe not you personally, but certainly the masses.

Come after dinner and we’re tired and numb from a day at the office, all we want to do is have a beer and watch The Voice or some other mindless entertainment.

I do not watch The Voice, I don’t watch regular TV at all (I have a thorough dislike for commercials). I watch an HBO Original and claim myself more intellectual than those that watch The Voice.

It’s still just tuning out though, but I’m working on it.

Principle-12: Our community acts from deep personal awareness and presence, and an irresistible enthusiasm opening up old rusty structured.

The Great Cure

Our brain is a marvel of evolution, or creation, depending on your point of view. No matter how you look at it.., it’s just a marvel.

It made us what we are today, well, that and our opposing thumbs, but the point is.., on Earth, we are unique and just fantastic.

However, your brain develops until you reach adulthood, say, the age of 20. After that it, like the rest of your body, it too starts to decay.

If you do not maintain it, you end up colouring outside the lines by the time you’re 50, chances are.

You need to keep stimulating your brain, keep learning, keep thinking, keep creating new synapses.

Changing the way we work, uprooting our daily routine can have unprecedented benefits throughout society.

Principle-11: Our actions lead to new product and services and new global practices for value creation, agility and velocity.

Just Imagine

When we are given the opportunity to be as creative as we can, to stimulate and challenge our minds. To work in a safe environment where intelligence and progressive thinking is encouraged, not feared or obstructed.

We could reach a point where enlightenment could be an every day occurrence. People waking up from the matrix we created for our own.

A point where change, challenges and progress are your comfort zone.

Imagine knowing you can do better and being able to actually do so, at work. No need to work from home, take an evening course or risk it all by going freelance.

You could be that entrepreneur, that innovator, that change maker and still have a steady pay check.

The company you work for would benefit endlessly because now, finally, you are living up to your true potential and you truly do want to get to the office to get things done.

And just imagine the effect this will have on society. Born again free thinkers all over the place.

Back to a society where the human spirit is driven by innovation and the hunger for exploration can be stilled.

I like that idea.

Principle-18: We keep our community a safe environment, where you can become who you want to become. Where you are not alone in being a catalyst.

Rebel Jam

You too can join Corporate Rebel United. Or read a bit more.

And just to show how “there is no box” thinking looks like. Corporate Rebels United organised the “Rebel Jam“.

Now pay attention: It’s a free, on-line, 24 hour event. With a speaker every hour and discussion after each speaker, from all over the world.

Some pods are meeting up to enjoy the Rebel Jam in good and like minded company. I am going to Brussels.

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