How To Reblog a post via Triberr

One of the greatest features of Triberr is the ability to easy reblog a post. Guestblogging is one the best ways to get exposure as a blogger.., but also a great way to get some extra (great) content on your blog. By any reckoning, it’s a win-win situation.

Shopping List

So, how does it work and what do you need. Here’s your shopping list:

  1. Your own self-hosted WordPress blog
  2. The Triberr WordPress plugin installed and setup on your blog
  3. An account on Triberr (duh)
  4. Join a Tribe

Basically, these are your prerequisites. In order to be able to reblog within the system a fellow tribe member needs a similar setup. Your blogs can then interact with Triberr.

The reblogging process is made insanely easy by Dan. I’m using a post by Petra Fisher as an example. She is a The LinkedIn Addict and this a very useful post for me and I think for the readers of my blog.

The Process

So, here we go:

When a post turns up in your Tribal Stream and it has a picture.., you can reblog it.

example triberr post

Note: this is the picture used in the post, not the profile picture.

When you click either the title or the image a pop up appears with the post for you to read. Here you will also find the magical “ReBlog” button. And, if you’ve come this far it means that you and your Tribemate have setup WordPress correctly.

example reblog triberrexample reblog triberr

When you hit the reblog button Triberr will send the post to your WordPress installation as a draft. post is waiting in draft
From here on in you can treat the post as you normally would. You can slightly edit it to fit your blog a bit better (although the original post must be respected in full).
You can then schedule or post it immediately.

Of course, it is a courtesy to let the writer know your reblogging the post.

Author Box

Triberr is all about reciprocation and giving credit where credit is due. We do not even want to take credit for stuff others wrote, that’s just silly and it will get kicked out of Triberr faster than you can spell “plagiarism”.

The Author Box is the perfect way to show who wrote the post. You can always add any additional credits if you wish.

I use the AuthorSure plugin and have the ability to hide the default author box. Keeping my face out of the post.

Comment Magic

And last but not least: Here is a bit of unique Triberr magic. The Triberr shamans have made it so that the comments made on the post are ported to wherever the post is reblogged.
Meaning, all the comments made are also visible on your blog. Any comment made on your blog will show up on any other blog where the post is reblogged (including the original and within Triberr).

Truly taking a universal approach to (re)bloggin and commenting.

In conclusion

Joining Triberr as a blogger makes sense. Guestblogging is always a challenge and Triberr just made that process seamless. It’s just such a joy to be part of that ecosystem.

Mind you, Petra writes very specifically about LinkedIn, I write more about implementing social media in general. I might, one day, write a post about LinkedIn, then Petra might be interested in reblogging my post. But she doesn’t have to.

Only when you see the added value to your blog should you reblog.

So, do you want to use guestbloggers? Do you want to see your posts reblogged? Let me know.., or.., join my Tribe.

Author: Rogier Noort

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