The Positive Site of a Community, part 2: Triberr

One of my favourite platforms on the Net, Triberr, got into trouble during a routine database backup. And the community reacted in numbers.., and reacted supportively.

Triberr, a positive community
Image by Justice Mitchell

Domain Name

Less than a month earlier we woke up to an unreachable Triberr. Due to various reasons the team had neglected to renew the domain name. For more than 24 hours Triberr was unreachable and the plugin caused WordPress blogs to stop loading.
Here some people reacted a bit crossed.., because, let’s face it, that was a mistake which could have easily been avoided.

Dino apologised and explained in his own unique way. The 80+ comments reflected nothing but support.

Full System Crash

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Nestivity.., the next step in the Twitterverse

nestivity, new communty management for twitterAccording to Nestivity this is the community engagement platform for Twitter we’ve all been waiting for.., finally.

What Nestivity does is put a community layer on top of your Twitter account. Allowing you to create a community around your Twitter handle.
You create a Nest.., for all the Tweets.., get it?

There is a small level of customization, you can add a logo and a wallpaper.., that’s good. Nestivity can then reflect your Twitter page.
Effectively creating a Twitter Fan Page.., but better (or so they say).

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The Positive Side of a Community

Social media legend and all-round nice guy Mark Schaefer posted a story on his blog about a kid who wished only a door for Christmas.

Now, I could make this post about how to write a good post, with a catchy title and a clear call to action.., but that wasn’t the goal of Mark’s story and it is not the point of this post.
However, the title did intrigue me and I did read the whole post. At the end Mark states that he never asks his readers for anything, and he really doesn’t.

Except this time, except in this post.., this time he humbly asked for a donation for Amachi.

No Expectations

The beautiful part of the whole thing is that Mark never expected much, he thought to give it a whirl and see what would happen.
The community responded.., and gave.., and proved Mark wrong.

As a result he was able to hand over a fat check, helping out a young friend and a wonderful organization.

For me it was a chance to give something back to Mark. He does give so much of his time, knowledge and energy without asking anything in return.

It just goes to show that building a positive community can be a valuable thing. Karma does pay off.., sometimes in a big and emotional way.

Cheers Mark, here’s to you…

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You can get involved with Amachi too.
You can find Mark on Twitter and on his company website (among other places of course).