The Positive Site of a Community, part 2: Triberr

One of my favourite platforms on the Net, Triberr, got into trouble during a routine database backup. And the community reacted in numbers.., and reacted supportively.

Triberr, a positive community
Image by Justice Mitchell

Domain Name

Less than a month earlier we woke up to an unreachable Triberr. Due to various reasons the team had neglected to renew the domain name. For more than 24 hours Triberr was unreachable and the plugin caused WordPress blogs to stop loading.
Here some people reacted a bit crossed.., because, let’s face it, that was a mistake which could have easily been avoided.

Dino apologised and explained in his own unique way. The 80+ comments reflected nothing but support.

Full System Crash

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Complete Video Guide to Triberr

triberr-man 600px The Incredible Triberr-Man, by the marvelous John Garrett

Let’s start out by admitting that Triberr is a very weird and unique social network. It takes people few days to get used to it, but I think after you watch this video you get that time down to an hour.

To help you get there, Petra Fisher and I sit down for an hour long screencast on how to use Triberr.

Petra is new to Triberr. She is really smart, has strong background in technology (she is a renowned LinkedIn trainer in Holland), and after this session, I consider her an expert on Triberr as well :-)

I would love nothing more than for you to watch the entire video, but since it’s is quite long (over an hour), the lovely and talented Jelena Woehr, was kind enough to provide us with a timelined breakdown of the entire video for easy navigation.


  • Petra explains why we’re here: 0:24
  • What to do when you first join Triberr: 1:0
  • The importance of using your primary email: 1:25
  • Why you should fill out your Bio: 2:25
  • Configuring your RSS feeds: 3:45
  • Assigning RSS feed to tribe: 5:15
  • Filtering tribal stream: 6:40
  • Configuring blog settings: 7:30
  • Adding social media accounts: 7:55
  • Disabling or enabling reblogging: 9:54
  • Maximum frequency of sharing tribemates’ posts: 10:54
  • About the tribal stream: 12:10
  • Turning on auto-sharing: 12:45
  • Sharing only on some platforms: 14:18
  • Editing title for a shared post: 17:48
  • Using upvotes: 21:00
  • Triberr plug-in effect on appearance of post in tribal streams: 21:37
  • Triberr comments showing on blog: 25:00
  • Using reblog to create guest posts: 26:58
  • How to get banned from Triberr for abusing reblog: 28:12
  • Triberr’s effect on blog traffic – Petra’s testimonial: 30:00
  • How to mute a tribe member whose content you don’t like: 31:24
  • Importance of respecting your audience by choosing tribemates carefully: 36:15
  • Approved posts: 37:43
  • Sent posts: 38:00
  • Twitter’s 24-hour rule and repeating shares: 39:00
  • Why reblog notifications and statistics aren’t working yet: 39:40
  • Sharing statistics: 43:15
  • Statistics on your shared posts: 44:45
  • Google analytics: 46:50
  • How to interact using bonfires: 48:00
  • Prime membership benefits and when you may want to upgrade: 49:14
  • Atomic tribes: 51:00
  • Atomic tribe tribal council: 56:15
  • Tribe settings for atomic tribes: 57:40
  • VIP hosting for prime members: 59:47
  • Tribes menu, categories, and browse all tribes: 1:00:52
  • Follow tribe: 1:02:37
  • Turning a follower into a member: 1:04:36
  • Create new tribe: 1:05:23
  • View all tribes and interact with tribal councils: 1:06:34
  • Tribemates options: 1:07:17
  • Manage invites and choosing which tribes to join: 1:08:13
  • Reblogged posts not re-imported into Triberr, and differences for atomic tribes: 1:12:00
  • Search function: 1:13:04
  • Looking for tribes: 1:13:39
  • Official Triberr blog: 1:14:17
  • Goodbye: 1:15:17

Enjoy :-)

[youtube_sc url=”” title=Complete%20Video%20Guide%20To%20Triberr”]

How To Reblog a post via Triberr

One of the greatest features of Triberr is the ability to easy reblog a post. Guestblogging is one the best ways to get exposure as a blogger.., but also a great way to get some extra (great) content on your blog. By any reckoning, it’s a win-win situation.

Shopping List

So, how does it work and what do you need. Here’s your shopping list:

  1. Your own self-hosted WordPress blog
  2. The Triberr WordPress plugin installed and setup on your blog
  3. An account on Triberr (duh)
  4. Join a Tribe

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