Complete Video Guide to Triberr

triberr-man 600px The Incredible Triberr-Man, by the marvelous John Garrett

Let’s start out by admitting that Triberr is a very weird and unique social network. It takes people few days to get used to it, but I think after you watch this video you get that time down to an hour.

To help you get there, Petra Fisher and I sit down for an hour long screencast on how to use Triberr.

Petra is new to Triberr. She is really smart, has strong background in technology (she is a renowned LinkedIn trainer in Holland), and after this session, I consider her an expert on Triberr as well :-)

I would love nothing more than for you to watch the entire video, but since it’s is quite long (over an hour), the lovely and talented Jelena Woehr, was kind enough to provide us with a timelined breakdown of the entire video for easy navigation.


  • Petra explains why we’re here: 0:24
  • What to do when you first join Triberr: 1:0
  • The importance of using your primary email: 1:25
  • Why you should fill out your Bio: 2:25
  • Configuring your RSS feeds: 3:45
  • Assigning RSS feed to tribe: 5:15
  • Filtering tribal stream: 6:40
  • Configuring blog settings: 7:30
  • Adding social media accounts: 7:55
  • Disabling or enabling reblogging: 9:54
  • Maximum frequency of sharing tribemates’ posts: 10:54
  • About the tribal stream: 12:10
  • Turning on auto-sharing: 12:45
  • Sharing only on some platforms: 14:18
  • Editing title for a shared post: 17:48
  • Using upvotes: 21:00
  • Triberr plug-in effect on appearance of post in tribal streams: 21:37
  • Triberr comments showing on blog: 25:00
  • Using reblog to create guest posts: 26:58
  • How to get banned from Triberr for abusing reblog: 28:12
  • Triberr’s effect on blog traffic – Petra’s testimonial: 30:00
  • How to mute a tribe member whose content you don’t like: 31:24
  • Importance of respecting your audience by choosing tribemates carefully: 36:15
  • Approved posts: 37:43
  • Sent posts: 38:00
  • Twitter’s 24-hour rule and repeating shares: 39:00
  • Why reblog notifications and statistics aren’t working yet: 39:40
  • Sharing statistics: 43:15
  • Statistics on your shared posts: 44:45
  • Google analytics: 46:50
  • How to interact using bonfires: 48:00
  • Prime membership benefits and when you may want to upgrade: 49:14
  • Atomic tribes: 51:00
  • Atomic tribe tribal council: 56:15
  • Tribe settings for atomic tribes: 57:40
  • VIP hosting for prime members: 59:47
  • Tribes menu, categories, and browse all tribes: 1:00:52
  • Follow tribe: 1:02:37
  • Turning a follower into a member: 1:04:36
  • Create new tribe: 1:05:23
  • View all tribes and interact with tribal councils: 1:06:34
  • Tribemates options: 1:07:17
  • Manage invites and choosing which tribes to join: 1:08:13
  • Reblogged posts not re-imported into Triberr, and differences for atomic tribes: 1:12:00
  • Search function: 1:13:04
  • Looking for tribes: 1:13:39
  • Official Triberr blog: 1:14:17
  • Goodbye: 1:15:17

Enjoy :-)

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Be A Hero, Stop SOPA

I’m not sure what to do about this. I haven’t read this whole SOPA thing to minute detail.

I know my favorite host is opposing it.., and my favorite platform. And I think I have a pretty good picture by now.
The WordPress blog post this video.., and I feel it explains it all quite nicely.

I’m not an American and I do think it has to be stopped there.
So share this video or the word (not necessarily this post).

Update: I found a post on the OC Tech Daily and I’m going to quote them.., because they put it better than I would, so this would be your call to action:

Fortunately, a new company called SendWrite is providing their services for free to help combat this bill. SendWrite is in the business of sending physical letters via snail mail on its user’s behalf. You don’t have to be concerned with stamps, going to the post office, or any conventional envelope licking. To use this free service to help stop SOPA, visit The process is very simple. Just select your state from the dropdown list, select your representative (if you don’t know who that is, there’s a link to lookup by zip code), populate the template with your information, and send.

Update: SendWrite no longer accepts new requests.., I saw now the post mentioned is 2 months old.., so it can make sense. They suggest heading over to ““. I suggest you do the same.

Ahhh.., am I allowed to post this or am I infringing something now?


Three years since I started posting a picture on Flickr every day. Sometimes I forgot, but only a hand full of times, but I posted something anyway.

Only two rules.., the picture had to be taken with my iPhone and in portrait.
Later, when an app became availble for the 3G I shot some video too. When the iPhone 4 came out, shooting video in portrait was no longer an option. The 1280 x 720 resolution was too slim compared to the 640 x 480, it just looked silly.


Now.., because it has been three years I thought I would change things. Instagram does a great job at reproducing the world in a 1 to 1 ratio, a square ratio. More and more apps are playing along and it does look attractive. Furthermore, it gives me more freedom and more options.., and my photostream stays nice and tidy.
I searched for an app that could shoot square video and ToyCineCam does just that.


I think it looks quite good…