Three years since I started posting a picture on Flickr every day. Sometimes I forgot, but only a hand full of times, but I posted something anyway.

Only two rules.., the picture had to be taken with my iPhone and in portrait.
Later, when an app became availble for the 3G I shot some video too. When the iPhone 4 came out, shooting video in portrait was no longer an option. The 1280 x 720 resolution was too slim compared to the 640 x 480, it just looked silly.


Now.., because it has been three years I thought I would change things. Instagram does a great job at reproducing the world in a 1 to 1 ratio, a square ratio. More and more apps are playing along and it does look attractive. Furthermore, it gives me more freedom and more options.., and my photostream stays nice and tidy.
I searched for an app that could shoot square video and ToyCineCam does just that.


I think it looks quite good…

110930- One Thousand on Flickr

110930- One Thousand on Flickr.

Since 3th January 2009 I’ve been taken a picture every day.
I reached the one thousand mark on 30th September 2011. I have used only my iPhone(s) and shot only in portrait and it does include a view videos.

Via Flickr:
A thousand days.., a thousand photos. A thousand memories.