21 #LinkedIn tips from 7 experts [reading time: 3,5 min]

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21 #LinkedIn Tips from 7 Experts

Petra Fisher, Andrew Cameron, Lori Ruff, Carol Smith, Mike O'Neil, The Dream Team in Denver. LinkedIn, LinkedIn Training, Graphic Design, Revenue AttractionThree weeks ago I made a whirlwind trip from Amsterdam to Denver Colorado to share the stage with social media experts from 3 countries and 4 states. After a great party to start the holiday season on Tuesday, we had a day of training, training and more training on Thursday November 29th. As if the party with “500+” (true LinkedIn style) attending wasn’t exiting enough… well over a 100 people enjoyed the training sessions on Thursday and what an audience they were.

When people engage and participate like that, I know exactly why I love training so much!
Thank you! To all people attending and actively engaging.

Introducing the experts…

With the focus on LinkedIn, it is tempting to list the 7 experts in order of network size. For a bit of a different approach, here they are in first name alphabetical order.

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