Top Secret Social Network No One Talks About

Guestpost by Dino Dogan
Founder of Triberr. Lousy Mixed Martial Artist and a recovering Network Engineer. Pretty good singer/songwriter, trainer of dogs, and a blogger of biz. Fun at parties and a global force for badassery.

I’ve been suspecting it for a while, but only mentioned it in confidence. But now I know…top players in the blogosphere are keeping Triberr a secret.

Hehe…get it? “Top” secret? Get it? oh, nevermind…moving on… :-p

Of course, I’m biased, but I dare you…I double-dog dare you to find a platform that came out in the last year that has done more to help bloggers?

In fact, if there is such a platform, I’d like to be on it myself, so…thnx in advance if you manage to prove me wrong.

And yet, you will find not a single mention of Triberr on big blogs that bill themselves as blogs that help bloggers blog. Curious, don’t you think? ;-)

But I ain’t mad atcha…

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