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UPDATE: The 5 day give-away of my E-book has ended. I can say it’s been a tremendous success. So much so that I don’t want to disappoint you, so if you still want a free copy, you can sign up (and get 60 Pieces of Blogging Advice too), or just get your Kindle copy for only a couple of bucks.


When I realised that the various jobs I held over the past had some major social business elements in them, I started to take the term serious and started digging into it more and more.

Eventually leading me to write Why? Social Business, a 33 page E-book explaining why a business should get on this train. I wanted to make the “why” crystal clear for me and anybody who’d read the book.

why? social business ebookMy first real moment where I could name “Social Business” was when I saw an interview with Mark Fidelman, done by Dino Dogan. Mark had written a book; “Socialized!: How the Most Successful Businesses Harness the Power of Social (Social Century)“, and the way he described it fitted perfectly with what I had in my when it came to social and business. At least in part.

Add to that (mandatory reading): “What’s the Future of Business: Changing the Way Businesses Create Experiences” by Brian Solis and “Social Business By Design: Transformative Social Media Strategies for the Connected Company” by Dion Hinchcliffe and Peter Kim and the image becomes crystal clear.

What I learned was that Social Business is so much more than just implementing a tool, a piece of software or adopting a social media platform. In fact, technology (and social media) is only the enabler. It’s people who are the driving force behind a Social Business.

The philosophy of a company needs to change, the mindset. For some companies their whole way of thinking and day-to-day routine must change. These are some significant realisations.

It’s still business mind you. There still has to be a ROI, the changes still have to be lead to results. I would not go as far as saying it’s a project. A project, by definition has an end. Social Business doesn’t “end”. It’s something you do. Sure, the implementation of a specific tool, or the change of a workflow are still projects.

It the long run, social business will become business as usual.

Why? Social Business

Why Social Business E-book
Why? Social Business

Back to the book and this post. I asked Mark Fidelman to write the foreword of my E-book. Mainly, because it was he who opened my eyes and I wanted to thank him for that.

“Use this book as a jumping-off point to spark your company’s dialogue about social business. Bring it to the higher-ups, and show them why they need to adapt… or else risk extinction.”

– Mark Fidelman

The premise of the book was to help those who are wondering what the heck we’re all talking about. The buzz around SocBiz is tangible, however, I still have the feeling that few know what it entails. I can imagine many mid- and top-level managers would love some answers, a rough guide if you will.

This is not a ‘for dummies’ book and it’s not a complete field manual for transforming your business. I too have learned form others.

I wrote about Geoff Livingston’s personal exodus, and however this is not a novel, nor in print, nor a quadrillion pages thick.., it was still a tour de force. It forced to write down all my wandering thoughts into a coherent (and readable) format.


For the next 5 days I’m offering my first E-book for free to my readers. In fact, if you know anybody who might benefit from this book, let them know, so they can get a copy too, then go ahead. Don’t forget to claim this wonderful find for yourself. Your friends will think you’re just awesome!!

I am proud of my work (can I say that.., sure I can). I’m very content. I didn’t write it to become rich, I am a pragmatic realist (yes, that helps with Social Business too). But, I do want to share my achievement with the world, with my readers and friends.


So.., there it is.

All I ask in return is let other people know about it and if you wish, leave a comment or a rating on Amazon.

Also, feel free to leave a comment, I’d love some feedback.

The books

Below are the books I use, which are my reference (these are affiliate links, if you don’t want that, click on the links at the beginning of the post).

I added “Why? Social Business” because, let’s face, it looks mighty cool.

Triberr just added the ability to give credit where credit is due

Yes, Triberr just keeps getting better and better.

The ‘Home of the Influencer’ that puts the blogger front and centre is maturing at a rapid rate.

triberr adds authorshipAfter the reblogging functionality, the universal commenting system, Triberr Campaigns and being just an amazeballs community of influencers and fellow bloggers, we can now assign the (correct) author to a blogpost.


@HUFFPOA good example of how it’s not suppose to happen is like on HuffPost. When you Tweet an article from there, @HuffPostMedia gets the credit. This happens on all platforms. Try and Tweet anything from YouTube, Mashable and many others and their handle gets attached.

Not the authors, never the authors handle. Now, that just don’t sit right.., now does it?

Your Blog

Even when you have someone else post on your blog and you push it through Triberr this happens (it’s not just the big uns). Your Twitter handle gets attached to the post, regardless of who wrote it.

One thing you can do is add the Twitter handle of the author in the title, this works quite well. But, then you have 2 handle and an ugly title. It’s a work around, nothing more.


Enter the Triberr visionaries. I sometimes get the feeling they go in a sweat-loge and use the spirit world for guidance. But, I’m sure that many a BBQ with a cold beer or two is plenty to spark great conversations where they come up with these mould breaking ideas.

OK, so the author has to be a (free) member of Triberr. I guess you’ll have to be. How else do they get you into their system, besides, if you blog.., you should join Triberr anyway (yeh, I’m a (paying) fan of the platform, so what?).

So, How?

Anyhoo.., the idea is simple.

Suppose you write a guest (or original) post on rogiernoort.com, after publishing the post gets imported into Triberr. Then, I go into My Posts and select your name. Now, every time the post gets Tweeted it has your name. And when the post gets reblogged, it will still have your name (or handle) attached to it.

It actually quite an impressive piece of functionality.

Not Just Preaching

The boys from Triberr, or Dino in particular, write a lot about how the blogger gets the short end of stick on the bigger (if not all) other platforms.

A lot of people rant on the web, but it seems Dino (and Dan) tend to their flock with great care and actually try and change what is wrong.

If, with that great care they build a platform that gets better and better..,well.., so much the better. And to all (or most) other platforms.., take a look at Triberr and please learn from them. This is a platform that puts ‘social’ first, not the platform (i.e. ads).

Just amazeballs.



Top Secret Social Network No One Talks About

Guestpost by Dino Dogan
Founder of Triberr. Lousy Mixed Martial Artist and a recovering Network Engineer. Pretty good singer/songwriter, trainer of dogs, and a blogger of biz. Fun at parties and a global force for badassery. http://diyblogger.net

I’ve been suspecting it for a while, but only mentioned it in confidence. But now I know…top players in the blogosphere are keeping Triberr a secret.

Hehe…get it? “Top” secret? Get it? oh, nevermind…moving on… :-p

Of course, I’m biased, but I dare you…I double-dog dare you to find a platform that came out in the last year that has done more to help bloggers?

In fact, if there is such a platform, I’d like to be on it myself, so…thnx in advance if you manage to prove me wrong.

And yet, you will find not a single mention of Triberr on big blogs that bill themselves as blogs that help bloggers blog. Curious, don’t you think? ;-)

But I ain’t mad atcha…

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