The Heroine – Chapter Four with Céline Schillinger

In Chapter Four of my Digital Transformation podcast I talk with Céline Schillinger. If you are a corporate rebel, a change agent or someone looking to disrupt, this conversation will inspire.

originally posted on the Digital Transformation Age Podcast

Calling Céline Schillinger a (Digital) Heroine is no exaggeration. She is transforming one of the heaviest regulated industries on the planet, pharmaceuticals. How? By noticing a problem and dealing with it.

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Finding my Strengths with Gallup’s StrengthsFinder

Finding my strengths seems like a good place to start on a road to self improvement. It’s more productive than to identify and try to improve weaknesses. I use Gallup’s StrengthsFinder.

In a recent podcast I recorded with John Wenger and guest Maureen Monte, we talked about Maureen’s speciality.., Strength Based Success development. This was a very interesting and educative hour, listen to the podcast to learn more about Maureen and her training.

Anyway.., finding my strengths seemed a logical next step, so I decided that to take the test/assessment at I opted for the $15 version, this will give you your 5 best strengths.
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The Digital Transformation Challenge

Digital transformation is upon us. Whether you choose to acknowledge this or not is irrelevant. You have to adapt, or become obsolete.

We can’t escape it.., no matter how hard we try.., modern times will always catch up with us. In a few cases people do manage do without, some because they choose to (i.e. Amish) and others because economics simply don’t reach them, like (very) rural areas.

But, in the western world (and the eastern, northern and southern), it’s inescapable. More and more of our daily lives are digitized. It’s inevitable.

The question is.., how do you deal with this? And do you even want it, or one step deeper, should you want it?
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