A Completely Unshareable Social Event

In this day and age.., how can you create a website for a social event which is completely unshareable?

In Brussels we have an event.., the “Roller Bike Parade” (I don’t even want to link to it, but for the sake of the post I will).
It would seem to me that when organizing such an event you’d want to share the heck out of it.., and make it as easy as possible for anyone to do just that.

So, how come..,  in 2012.., when everybody is fully aware of Social Media a web design company claiming to be “building brand experiences” does not add any social sharing tools right off the bat? I do not know.

Now.., next to the fact there is an extremely annoying ‘puppet’ jumping around all the time and that the whole site is made in Flash there just is no social platform present on the whole page.., anywhere.

Now.., if you click one of the menu items there are some “articles” and those articles have a FB share button. But those are hardly share-able too.

Well.., no problem then.., I will just copy the main URL (http://www.belgiumrollers.com/#/en/home/) and share that on Facebook as a status update.., surely we get an image and some useful text to share…

Wrong again…

Instead of creating a post for the Roller Bike Parade the status only mentions and links directly to the makers of the website!

Now.., I’m sure somewhere in this mess there is some brand experience being build.., but I doubt if it is a positive one.

I don’t use Flash.., I used to.., in 1999, but no longer… However, I’m quite sure inserting social sharing into Flash must be possible.

Lesson learned: Make it share-able! You can create the most amazing content, but if it can’t be shared it is worthless.

Content is King.., sharing is Queen.