What 2 puppies taught me about social media

Absolutely nothing, they’re puppies. Other than using social to tell people about them, they have no sense of my social networks.

But.., because the “what did [whatever] taught me about social media” is so often used (and the puppies demand so much time), I started to look for parallels. And quelle surprise.., there seem to be plenty.

What 2 puppies thought me about social media

Be Prepared

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Social is a Custom Business

social is a custom businessLast month I had the very enjoyable experience of having a suit “made to measure”.
Wait, read first.
It was not more expensive than a (good) retail suit and I needed a new suit.., I couldn’t really find my style, and one thing led to another and I ended up at Café Costume in Brussels.

They work solely via appointment, I was the only client in the store. And after an hour and a half, filled with attention and an astonishing amount of detail, I left with the best fitting suit I can afford and perfectly suited (pun intended) to my style and personal wishes.

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The Social Media Paradox, will you break free?

I don’t want to miss anything.., so I stay on-line just a bit longer. Because I stay a little bit longer, there is a little bit more information, or a new follow. Which in turn leads to more information which is easily missed and I don’t want to miss anything.

the social media paradox


This paradox is fed by endless Twitter streams and endless Pinterest pages which lure us into a non-stop attention span. But, instead of having one concentrated attention span it is broken up in tiny fragments of 140 characters or a few 100 pixels.
Social media is not helping us with our attention deficit disorders.


A question comes to mind though.
What if I stop scrolling, turn of the notifications or mark them all as read…

What will I miss?

Something important, not likely. Something valuable, that depends on who you follow.

Cost of Atttention

Here I must refer to, in my opinion, a truly valuable article by Srinivas Rao; “Time, attention, and the content creation curve

The advice given here is about the cost of attention.
A Tweet costing only 1 point and a book 6.
Although this is from a creating perspective, it translates perfectly to the recipient.

I am not saying that 6 Tweets equals a book (of course), the scale is a bit different than that. Srinivas isn’t suggesting this either.
The point is that reading a book is more valuable than reading a similar amount of Tweets on the same subject.

We focus more when reading a book, tend to be less distracted. The content is more focussed too and the chances of you retaining anything go up.
Do you remember the last Tweet you read?
Do you remember the last book you read?

Dealing with the paradox

Subscribe to less clutter. Be more selective in what you read or watch.
Pick your streams carefully, follow and read that which delivers the most value to you or your business.

How do you deal with this social media paradox?