The Heroine – Chapter Four with Céline Schillinger

In Chapter Four of my Digital Transformation podcast I talk with Céline Schillinger. If you are a corporate rebel, a change agent or someone looking to disrupt, this conversation will inspire.

originally posted on the Digital Transformation Age Podcast

Calling Céline Schillinger a (Digital) Heroine is no exaggeration. She is transforming one of the heaviest regulated industries on the planet, pharmaceuticals. How? By noticing a problem and dealing with it.

And in doing so she has managed to touch an astounding number of lives. Continue reading “The Heroine – Chapter Four with Céline Schillinger”

The Reimagining Work Podcast


I love podcasts. Or rather, I love producing stuff, creating stuff. What often lacks is a purpose, a goal, a topic. Writing blogposts is one of the channels where I can explore some creativity, use my brain and puny talents to produce something nice. And hopefully, worth the read.

Podcasts are a great way of communicating ones ideas and thoughts, share your knowledge or finding new information, learning and teaching at the same time. It’s perfect.



I was thinking of reading the posts I’d written out loud, record them, then offer them as a download. People could listen to them, instead of reading them (or both), but that seemed a bit pretentious.

So, I kept thinking, kept my options and eyes open, looking for an opportunity.


In February of 2014 I was in Paris for the Enterprise 2.0 Summit. There I met John Wenger (@JohnQShift). We connected and kept talking via Skype afterwards.

Our conversation were so much fun, and at times so constructive that the idea just clicked in my head.., and yes.., I am claiming the idea. But, my idea was equally matched with John enthusiasm for the idea.

So, we talked, we schemed, we searched, and we got started.


We created a Google+ page, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a website and an iTunes account, all that remained was recording the podcast.

Well, we did that too.

And not only do we do audio, we also do video, yes, we’re not holding back any punches.

For all episodes (all two of them), you should visit the site, but I can present you Episode Two in all it’s YouTube Glory. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.., and if you have any questions or feedback.., let us know. We want to grow and aim to please… it’s casual entertainment.., right?


Transparency, Communicating Online and Why Social Business (podcasts)

podcastsOne of the more prominant podcasters I know is Jon Buscall. With over 100 podcasts under his belt and providing solid “how to” information on his website, you can say he is an authority on podcasting. Combine that with a worthy topic; “Online Marketing and Communications” (which is his profession) and you have quite the recipe.

This is a blog about Social Business, so why, I hear you ask, is ‘online marketing and communication’ so important. Well, this is something you’ll learn in the two podcasts below.

But, as to not leave you hanging. The point is that everything is converging more and more. In a couple of years, or maybe sooner, you cannot have one without the other. Having a social business is the only way to support your online activities, and your online activities drive your social business.

The Podcasts

The first ‘cast is with the unmatched Luis Suarez, a principal social business advocate at IBM and a real life example of how to live and breath social. Luis hasn’t used email for 6 years, for instance.

The second ‘cast is with yours truly. Jon approached me because of my eBook about why you need to be a social business.

Unbeknownst to Luis and I, Jon planned these two podcasts as episode 102 and 103 purely accidental, but they fit very well together. Creating a great and valuable piece of content. Something I simply have to share with you.


Click here to listen to “Transparency & Communicating Online”

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Click here to listen to “Why Social Business”

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