The Winkwaves Social Business Philosophy

130228- @WijVanWinkWavesAfter making contact with @ReneJansen, of the Dutch company “Winkwaves“, he invited me to the launch of the rebranding of their Social Enterprise software. This took place in their office in The Hague.

The old name KenniscafĂ© (Knowledge CafĂ©) was dropped in favour of Harmonics. And I think that’s a good choice. It better embodies the philosophy the company has about social business.

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How to create good content from within the company

create good content from within the companyContent marketing.., content creation.., content sharing… content, content, content.
You have all the likes and fans and followers you could ask for, but without content for them to read and share.., there is not much value in it.

I will try and offer some options for a company to tackle one of the most basic principles of the social web.

Content is Important

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The Importance of Company Culture for Enterprise 2.0

the importance of company culture
image by threephin

Does your company have the right culture to succeed in the new world of social?

We are at the brink of a historical shift where the classic way companies are structured (and do business) might no longer be viable. The speed at which everything changes has to be met. And not just by companies, but also by you and me.

We live in different times than our parents. A very open door, I admit, but true nonetheless.

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