The Switch

I’m changing direction, again. Life is never dull and opportunites should never be ignored.

Sometimes you choose your path.., sometimes life chooses the path.

This website, or blog, is dedicated for such a large part to “Social Business”. Not Enterprise 2.0 or the Digital Enterprise, or Digital Transformation. My philosophy was never about digitizing companies, at best it was to help and use new digital tools to enhance a company, or the lives of people working within these companies.

No, my philosophy was litteraly about making business more social, not in a society kind of way, but internally. But.., that’s not where the money is, and thusly, that is not where the interest is.

I have had many conversations with many people, long time experts in their fields, visit many conferences, and was (am?) part of the community. However, it never really seemed to come to fruition. An actuall assigment never really materialised. It left me unfulfilled in a way that saddened me. After all, this is what we, as a society, need, this is the way we are supposed to work, to have fun, to treat each other failry and with respect… well, I can go on, I did go on.

If I sound a little bitter, it’s because in my mind the world was ready for this, how could it not be, turns out, it isn’t ready, not by a long shot.

Anyway, in the meantime I have always been a creative person, particularly with video. In fact, I had a company once, and had good plans on building that up into a nice freelance profession, but, as usual, life had different plans for me (the severe kick in the nuts kind of plans), and the whole idea got scrapped in a dramatic way.

Fast forward through that dramatic time and my Social Business fase and we’re a decade closer to the stone. And now, I’m back.

Back to where my original love left me all these years ago.

generation y GmbH

This is quite a story in and of itself, and I’ll spare you the long version. The short version is that my friend saw an opportunity to start a business in branding, or marketing, or advertisement.., it’s a Branding Agency.
What we do is make videos, animations, high quality stills, presentations, anything digital really. 3D, 2D and real life footage. For the external- and/or internal communication

I helped out in the beginning with some 3D stuff and some storyboarding, but it became clear that live footage video was needed and with my background and involvement in the company it was a logical development.

And that short version brings us close(-ish) to the end of 2017. A year that has seen me drive down to Luzern almost every week. It hasn’t been just filming either, there’s been editing and colour grading (inculding 2 courses). Also learning new skills and getting to understand new equipment.

Anyway.., this is the reason I have not been updating this blog in quite a while, and the reason why the tone of the blog is going to shift about 540 degrees.

Time for a change.

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